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Last One Down the Aisle Wins

Last One Down the Aisle Wins Author : Celeste Liversidge
Release : 2010-05-11
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN : 9781429926508
File Size : 50.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Think your twenties are just a waiting period--waiting to get married, waiting for real life to begin? Wrong! As Shannon Fox and Celeste Liversidge show with humor, intelligence, and reassurance, getting a ring on your finger is the last thing you should be thinking about when you're in your twenties. In fact, statistics show that if you wait and marry at thirty, your chances of having a healthy, long-lasting relationship more than double. So before rushing off to become someone else's better half, take the time to become the best, strongest whole person you can be! Last One Down the Aisle Wins will show you how to:develop and improve your emotional health, body image, and confidence take risks and tap into your adventurous side create a dependable network of friends and mentor relationships identify and avoid the top ten reasons women marry too young Last One Down the Aisle Wins is like having your very own life coach, therapist, financial planner, spiritual adviser, career counselor, and cheerleader all rolled into one.

Down to Earth Sociology: 14th Edition

Down to Earth Sociology: 14th Edition Author : James M. Henslin
Release : 1981-02-01
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1439108951
File Size : 84.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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For thirty-five years and through thirteen editions, Jim Henslin's Down to Earth Sociology has opened new windows onto the social realities that shape our world. Now in its fourteenth edition, the most popular anthology in sociology includes new articles on our changing world while also retaining its classic must-read essays. Focusing on social interaction in everyday life, the forty-six selections bring students face-to-face with the twin projects of contemporary sociology: understanding the individual's experience of society and analyzing social structure. The fourteenth edition's exceptional new readings include selections on the role of sympathy in everyday life, mistaken perceptions of the American family, the effects of a criminal record on getting a job, and the major social trends affecting our future. Together with these essential new articles, the selections by Peter Berger, Herbert Gans, Erving Goffman, Donna Eder, Zella Luria, C. Wright Mills, Deborah Tannen, Barrie Thorne, Sidney Katz, Philip Zimbardo, and many others provide firsthand reporting that gives students a sense of "being there." Henslin also explains basic methods of social research, providing insight into how sociologists explore the social world. The selections in Down to Earth Sociology highlight the most significant themes of contemporary sociology, ranging from the sociology of gender, power, politics, and religion to the contemporary crises of racial tension, crime, rape, poverty, and homelessness.

Death and the Visiting Firemen

Death and the Visiting Firemen Author : H. R. F. Keating
Release : 2011-10-28
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN : 1448202612
File Size : 32.21 MB
Format : PDF
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A delegation of visiting firemen arrives at Southampton, greeted by a stagecoach which carries a reception committee in early 19th century costume. This Old English greeting has been arranged between their president, Foster P. Schelemberger, and George Hamyadis, the flamboyant travel agent who is handling all the details of their visit to Britain. During an overnight stop in Winchester, Hamyadis reveals his plan for a little surprise to entertain the delegates during the journey to London the next day. But the surprise, when it comes, turns out to be a very grim one indeed - especially for Hamyadis...

Every Wednesday Fortnight

Every Wednesday Fortnight Author : Dave Jeanes
Release : 2016-09-17
Publisher :
ISBN : 1326791753
File Size : 80.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Dave Jeanes lives and writes in Bristol, England. Every Wednesday Fortnight is a story of love, lust and love; in that order. It is a story about what business. About what happens when supply outstrips demand. And vice-versa. A story of the importance we place on valued things in a day and age when everything should be obvious. And explainable...

The Endless War - Part One

The Endless War - Part One Author : Rachel Redhead
Release : 2016-02-06
Publisher :
ISBN : 1326439081
File Size : 46.13 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 625
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3059CE. Corporal Jackie Helfer of Bravo Squadron stumbles upon the secret behind a secret specialist unit that her people, the Erocan Alliance, is deploying against their sworn enemy, the Siannan Union. What she discovers will change her world forever as she is recruited on the battlefield to join this new unit. Waking up she is shocked to discover that she is no longer a human, now she is a vampire soldier fighting a much bigger campaign and she is now classified as Agent Gehenna. Now she must unlearn all that she knew so that she can become one of the best weapons her side has. From seizing key locations, to investigating enemy assets Agents Gehenna and Eve must find a way to end the thousand-year long endless war that has been raging for almost as long as Eve's been around. This book is the first of three parts.

Sarah Palin’S Biblical Interpretation

Sarah Palin’S Biblical Interpretation Author : Joe Bishop
Release : 2010-08-28
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1453546138
File Size : 28.5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This Book is a continuation of the Intelligent Foolishness which was started in the first Book, Birds Speak-out, to make us laugh and have some fun. Upon recognizing the special physical visionary capabilities a Lady had for seeing the brightly colored Cupolas in the Russian Red Square from Alaska, and her special mental visionary ability to recall Biblical Scriptures instantaneously to help people with their problems, many persons began to contact her such as: Baseball Designated Hitters who want to see the Ball coming, Career Women who thought they were left-out-of-within-Wedlock-Pregnancies, failing Funeral Businesses; Cattlemen, Horsemen and Sheep Herders in the Old West; Medical Persons needing help to stop SARS, Influenza, H1N!, etc.; Farmers who wanted to increase their crop yields; Conquerors and Military Leaders requiring criteria as to whether they should destroy a town, city, etc. during war; help to solve the Worlds Food Shortage; etc. Mother Natures BatVirgle (combination of Bat, Virus and Eagle) followed the whirl-wind career of this Lady and aided in the tracking, recording and Biblical Scripture Interpretations regarding her deeds in order that you could witness and be entertained by this phenomenal person still living in the 2010 era..

Three Gold Coins or Too Young To Die This Rich!

Three Gold Coins or Too Young To Die This Rich! Author : John Kaufman
Release : 2013-04-01
Publisher : AuthorHouse
ISBN : 1481723545
File Size : 80.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mel P. Dread Private Eye Investigation Division Matter regarding: one ton of priceless missing gold coins. My early investigations led me to find three gold coins. The coins had been buried deep underground along with the first clues that could dramatically change my life forever. My quest to find the priceless coins led me and my new friend, Bonnie Lou Starr, to Des Moines, Iowa. In search for more clues, we visited the famous Des Moines Christian Cathedral Church and homeless shelter, where the two of us spent five nights, eating, sleeping, and pretending to be homeless. Des Moines is where my great-grandfather Melvin Porter Dread was buried. His grave was where I dug up more clues, which led me to believe I could become one of the richest twelve-year-old kids in the entire world if I found that priceless lost gold! Soon after we returned home, a story of two twelve-year-old kids from Nebraska was all over the national and local TV news. Could that be it? Maybe this case needed to be stamped closed? Then I started connecting the missing pieces in this Dread family mystery with all those clues that could only lead to one remaining question: just where did my great-grandfather hide the gold? I now have a good idea where it might have been hidden: in the very church the Dread family had built back in 1906. It is the same church my father, who believes that God does love the poor as much as the rich, still preaches in every Sunday. I know you are anxious to see how this mystery will turn out. I still believe there could be a fortune of gold coins hidden somewhere, and I have been busy doing every possible thing I can do to find them, I assure you. As luck would have it, I am unfortunately trapped and in a great amount of pain. As I lie here trying to make it through the night, I know however this story turns out, at twelve, “I am too young to die this rich!” Sincerely Mel P. Dread Does God love the rich more than he does the poor? At this tale’s end you will have laughed, you will have cried, and most of all you will have felt the joy that a good story can provide one’s soul. In the end we might reach the conclusion that the meaning of “love” is as simple as we each choose to make it!

S/NVQ Level 2 Customer Service

S/NVQ Level 2 Customer Service Author : Sally Bradley
Release : 2003
Publisher : Heinemann
ISBN : 9780435451691
File Size : 20.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Providing the knowledge needed to complete the qualification, this textbook takes candidates through the five mandatory and three optional units of this award.

Taking Chances

Taking Chances Author : Grace Ryan
Release : 2014-12-18
Publisher : AuthorHouse
ISBN : 149695954X
File Size : 22.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 968
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Taking Chances is a love story inspired by a young Mom doing the best she can to raise her son through the trials of life. The love of her family helps her to find her wings again. It is a story whose romance is timeless. However, much like any great love, it demands great sacrifice and Isaac and Isabelle's story is no exception.

The Rules of Love

The Rules of Love Author : Richard Templar
Release : 2013-02-25
Publisher : FT Press
ISBN : 0133384314
File Size : 22.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 762
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Love matters. Whether it's the romantic kind or the emotional bond between you and family or friends. Indeed latest research suggests that those who love and are loved are significantly more likely to be alive in 10 years time than those without love in their lives. Love makes us happy, and the happier we are, the longer it seems we tend to live. So, why is it that some people find relationships so easy? We all know the kind of person, married forever, connected with their family, and strong friendships that have stood the test of time from all stages of life. The people who make friends easily, who have someone utterly devoted to them and for whom many would do anything. What do they know and do that the rest of us could learn from? That's what you'll find in this book. If you study people who are so good at relationships you discover it's not about their personality or gender or how self sacrificing they are. Those who are great in all relationships usually do have to work at it. The secret is that they know exactly where to put their efforts. They know the Rules of Love. Now updated and expanded with 10 brand-new rules, The Rules of Love helps you benefit from the simple principles of forming and sustaining strong, enduring and ultimately, life enhancing relationships.

Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down

Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down Author : Robert Sellers
Release : 2011-05-12
Publisher : Random House
ISBN : 1409049914
File Size : 32.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 519
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Alan Bates, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Tom Courtenay, Albert Finney, Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole, Robert Shaw and Terence Stamp: They are the most formidable acting generation ever to tread the boards or stare into a camera, whose anti-establishment attitude changed the cultural landscape of Britain. This was a new breed, many culled from the working class industrial towns of Britain, and nothing like them has been seen before or since. Their raw earthy brilliance brought realism to a whole range of groundbreaking theatre from John Osborne's Look Back in Anger to Joan Littlewood and Harold Pinter and the creation of the National Theatre. And they ripped apart the staid, middle-class British film industry with kitchen-sink classics like Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, This Sporting Life, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, A Kind of Loving and Billy Liar before turning their sights on international stardom: Connery with James Bond, O'Toole as Lawrence of Arabia, Finney with Tom Jones and Caine in Zulu. Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down brings alive the trail-blazing period of theatre and film from 1956-1964 through the vibrant energy and exploits of this revolutionary generation of stars who bulldozed over austerity Britain and paved the way for the swinging 60s. What Peter Biskind's Easy Riders Raging Bulls did for American cinema writing so Don't Let the Bastards will do for the British cinema.

Godly Women and Lipstick

Godly Women and Lipstick Author : Sheila Woolum
Release : 2012-02-01
Publisher : WestBow Press
ISBN : 1449736459
File Size : 62.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 921
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Too many times we as Women look to improve ourselves from the outside in , when God urges us to Grow and love ourselves from the inside out. and to appreciate his love for us and Blessings, Godly Women and Lipstick is written to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds, and to remind us that we can only help others when we first help ourselves, we can only grow stronger when we embrace and love ourselves , inside and out, as God made us. Sheila Woolum puts God first in all things , and wants to help others do the same. She seeks to build a ministry with love , hope and kindness to help those less fortunate. especially the youth. she hopes to start a home for Children and teenagers and looks forward to helping young people, both abroad and in her own community. Sheila's prayer is to lead the way for others to serve God, and to have a kind heart for those who are lost , weak or without hope.

Prozac Nation

Prozac Nation Author : Elizabeth Wurtzel
Release : 2014-11-04
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN : 0547524145
File Size : 77.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 251
Read : 828

Elizabeth Wurtzel's New York Times best-selling memoir, with a new afterword "Sparkling, luminescent prose . . . A powerful portrait of one girl's journey through the purgatory of depression and back." —New York Times "A book that became a cultural touchstone." —New Yorker Elizabeth Wurtzel writes with her finger on the faint pulse of an overdiagnosed generation whose ruling icons are Kurt Cobain, Xanax, and pierced tongues. Her famous memoir of her bouts with depression and skirmishes with drugs, Prozac Nation is a witty and sharp account of the psychopharmacology of an era for readers of Girl, Interrupted and Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar.

God Is Waiting for You

God Is Waiting for You Author : Tannia M. Winston
Release : 2012-07-03
Publisher : WestBow Press
ISBN : 1449753868
File Size : 70.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 540
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God is waiting for you is an encounter with your destiny on the path to God, an illuminating, exciting, spiritually rejuvenating walk with God as you face real-life experiences that reveal to you who you really are. Breath-taking steps that allows you to grow in God and mature as you journey on the path to accept your assignment from Him; facing the corrupt teaching and misleading of false prophets who are denying Jesus Christ the Messiah. They have laid the damaging foundations of doubt and destruction for many lost souls. God Is Waiting for You is not only revealing to you how to walk on this path and take on your new assignment from God, but teaching every Christian that they must learn to take the authority to throw Gods Weight around! CALLING ALL CARS! Dear Children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. (1 John 2:18)

Just One Night

Just One Night Author : Penny Jordan
Release : 2012-10-02
Publisher : Harlequin
ISBN : 0373249640
File Size : 87.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 227
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Just one night can never be enough for these passionate couples…they'll need a lifetime One Night in His Arms Ranulf Carrington's cruel words had crushed Sylvie's youthful passion. But she was a woman now, sophisticated and confident. Everything was different…yet nothing had changed. Ran might never come to love her, but Sylvie knew she'd still do almost anything for just one night in her first love's arms. One Intimate Night Piers's relationship with Georgia was strictly business, nothing more, which should have made their living under the same roof a fairly straightforward affair. So why couldn't Piers stop Georgia from stealing into his thoughts? He wasn't a man to act on impulse, but how long could he resist this beauty…?

Her Colton Lawman

Her Colton Lawman Author : Carla Cassidy
Release : 2014-11-01
Publisher : Harlequin
ISBN : 1460342135
File Size : 41.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 238
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Catch up with the crime-fighting Coltons! Witnessing a murder plunges Nina Owens into nerve-shattering danger. Police chief Flint Colton is sure the perp is taking down witnesses, so the handsome cop orders Nina into protective custody…in his home! And while she's grateful to him, Nina just can't shake her deep distrust of police. But all that falls away when Flint's scintillating kiss awakens something deep within her. As Thanksgiving approaches with Dead River quarantined, the search for a missing child puts Nina and the killer on a collision course. She knows Flint is haunted by a past failure to save a witness…and that he'll put himself in the line of fire before he ever lets her down.

The Sea, The Sea

The Sea, The Sea Author : Iris Murdoch
Release : 2008-12-29
Publisher : Random House
ISBN : 1409043584
File Size : 83.66 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 187
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'I saw a monster rising from the waves.' Charles Arrowby has determined to spend the rest of his days in hermit-like contemplation. He buys a mysteriously damp house on the coast, far from the heady world of the theatre where he made his name, and there he swims in the sea, eats revolting meals and writes his memoirs. But then he meets his childhood sweetheart Hartley, and memories of her lovely, younger self crowd in - along with more recent lovers and friends - to disrupt his self-imposed exile. So instead of 'learning to be good', Charles proceeds to demonstrate how very bad he can be. **Winner of the Man Booker Prize 1978.** WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY DAISY JOHNSON VINTAGE CLASSICS MURDOCH: Funny, subversive, fearless and fiercely intelligent, Iris Murdoch was one of the great writers of the twentieth century. To celebrate her centenary Vintage Classics presents special editions of her greatest and most timeless novels.

Alternate Realities

Alternate Realities Author : Chris Rawlings
Release : 2011-10-28
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1465379592
File Size : 40.22 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 422
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Have you ever wondered whether or not our destiny is predetermined, or how much of a choice do we really have when it comes to free will in shaping our own lives, especially while society and government continues to limit our circumstances? This book attempts to answer these questions and more. In a world set thousands of years and several millennia in the future, we might find that many problems and issues we face today will persist unless we change the way we look at our world. In the year 3333 A.D. on Planet Zeon, where the sky is no longer the limit, a nonconformist philosopher goes up against all odds to revive the importance of artists in a society filled with laser bolts and launch pads, where original ideas are becoming a rare commodity in the face of fast paced technological mass production. Will commercial materialism dominate ethical values, or can people regain their spiritual independence? If a picture is worth a thousand words then this book might be worth millions. It is a must read for anyone who has ever struggled to be recognized for their artistic integrity in order to survive amidst such a competitive corporate world, dominated by greed. Its for anyone who has ever worked hard for their dreams to come true.

Magic Apples

Magic Apples Author : Lee Steels
Release : 2014-08-29
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 149906604X
File Size : 38.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 413
Read : 616

MAGIC APPLES is a daily reader with 366 reflections to mull. The topics are broad in scope with a liberal approach. Drawn from the authors experience as a teacher, parent, coach, musician and big kid, the reflections are an eclectic mix of food for thought. Every 6th day is a silly story intended to produce those healing endorphins we all need to keep our equilibrium. There are plenty of opportunities to laugh, cry and to agree or disagree. If you need to escape from autopilot and enhance your life-long learning skills, MAGIC APPLES should give you lots to chew on. If you desire a modern approach to traditional tales, new ways to love your fellowtravelers and the chance to laugh at the human condition, a magic apple each day will be to your delight.