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Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations of Gifted Students

Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations of Gifted Students Author : Susan Baum
Release : 2004-03-06
Publisher : Corwin Press
ISBN : 148336111X
File Size : 79.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 581
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Gifted students who are at risk because of learning disabilities, gender issues, or economic disadvantages are highlighted in this volume.

Successful Strategies for Twice-Exceptional Students

Successful Strategies for Twice-Exceptional Students Author : Kevin D. Besnoy
Release : 2006
ISBN : 1593631944
File Size : 68.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 404
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Some kids, including gifted students, have difficulties in school. Gifted students with learning disabilities may continuously struggle with certain areas of instruction, but never receive identification of or accommodation for their difficulties, because their gifts mask their disabilities. Gifted students with learning disabilities need unique instruction and a practical use of accommodations to succeed in school. It is important for educators to familiarize themselves with the definitions and characteristics of various learning disabilities and learn the strategies they can use in the classroom to help gifted/learning-disabled students succeed. In this book, Kevin Besnoy takes an in-depth look at the various learning disabilities and difficulties some gifted students face, provides practical tips for accommodating and planning instruction for those students, and gives an overview of federal law related to this population. This is one of the books in Prufrock Press' popular Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education. This series offers a unique collection of tightly focused books that provide a concise, practical introduction to important topics concerning the education of gifted children. The guides offer a perfect beginner's introduction to key information about gifted and talented education.

Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children

Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children Author : Beverly Trail
Release : 2010-11-01
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN : 1593637381
File Size : 70.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Gifted students with disabilities, also referred to as twice-exceptional children, need the strategies in "Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children: Understanding, Teaching, and Counseling Gifted Students" in order to find success in the regular classroom. By offering a thorough discussion of twice-exceptional students based on research into how gifted students with disabilities learn, the author helps teachers and education professionals develop a broad understanding of the complex issues associated with gifted students who have disabilities. This comprehensive text provides an overview of who these students are, how teachers can tap into their strengths and weaknesses, and what educational strategies should be implemented to help these students succeed in school and beyond. The book will guide a collaborative team step-by-step through the process of identifying students' needs, selecting modifications and accommodations, and developing a comprehensive plan to meet the diverse needs of twice-exceptional children. By implementing the strategies suggested in this book, teachers of twice-exceptional gifted students can ensure these students do not just survive in the classroom, but thrive.

2e: Twice Exceptional - Gifted Children With Learning Disabilities

2e: Twice Exceptional - Gifted Children With Learning Disabilities Author :
Release :
Publisher :
File Size : 57.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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2e: Twice Exceptional examines the concept of “twice exceptionality” - gifted or highly gifted children with learning disabilities and/or differences. Some have trouble interpreting social cues and processing visual and auditory information. Others have difficulty with time management and organization; they may finish their homework but routinely forget to turn it in. Some have been labeled as “underachievers” and “lazy”, accused of just not trying hard enough.. Yet they can retain huge volumes of arcane information in subjects that interest them, solve complex mathematical problems or master an unfamiliar musical instrument with ease. They have vexed their parents and are often considered “at risk” by traditional school systems. They are our next-gen geniuses, mavericks and dreamers - Malcolm Gladwell's budding “outliers.”. While exploring the concept of twice-exceptionality and the development of creative educational solutions designed specifically to engage these unique students, 2e: Twice Exceptional focuses on several middle school and high school students at Bridges Academy in Studio City, California. Begun in 1994 as an afterschool tutorial program to help gifted students who were nevertheless failing high school, Bridges Academy has grown to become one of the first schools in America dedicated solely to the education of 2e students. Bridges has attracted the interest of the international educational community for its inspired approach in looking “outside the box” to find strength-based teaching methods for these students.. The documentary features interviews with students, parents, teachers and psychologists.. 2015 Richmond International Film Festival - “Best Documentary Feature”. 2015 Silver Springs International Film Festival - “Audience Choice - Best Feature”. 2015 Eugene International Film Festival - “Best Social Benefit Documentary”

Twice Exceptional

Twice Exceptional Author : Scott Barry Kaufman
Release : 2018-02
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 0190645474
File Size : 47.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In an educational system founded on rigid standards and categories, students who demonstrate a very specific manifestation of intelligence flourish, while those who deviate tend to fall between the cracks. Too often, talents and interests that do not align with classroom conventions are left unrecognized and unexplored in children with extraordinary potential but little opportunity. For twice-exceptional (2e) children, who have extraordinary strengths coupled with learning difficulties, the problem is compounded by the paradoxical nature of their intellect and an unbending system, ill-equipped to cater to their unique learning needs. Twice Exceptional: Supporting and Educating Bright and Creative Students with Learning Difficulties provides cutting-edge, evidence-based approaches to creating an environment where twice-exceptional students can thrive. Viewing the 2e student as neither exclusively disabled nor exclusively gifted, but, rather, as a dynamic interaction of both, leading experts offer holistic insight into identification, social-emotional development, advocacy, and support for 2e students. With chapters focusing on special populations (including autism, dyslexia, and ADHD) as well as the intersection of race and 2e, this book highlights practical recommendations for school and social contexts. In expounding the unique challenges faced by the 2e population, Twice Exceptional makes a case for greater flexibility in our approach to education and a wider notion of what it means to be academically successful.

Twice-exceptional Kids

Twice-exceptional Kids Author : Rosemary Callard-Szulgit
Release : 2008
Publisher : R & L Education
ISBN : 9781578867783
File Size : 34.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Twice Exceptional Kids, is a response to education intervention with a practical and common sense approach for the identification, understanding, and education of academically gifted children, handicapped by one or more learning disabilities. In this book, the author provides a thorough explanation of the various special education needs hindering the identification, schooling and social successes of the twice exceptional, while supplying methods and best practices for positive behavioral support (PBS) of the students in their school and home environment. To be effective, education programs need to incorporate a variety of components to meet the challenging needs of the twice exceptional. This book provides them. Steps for positive advocacy are given along with appendices of appropriate support organizations and parenting groups. Twice Exceptional Kids is a helpful stratagem for all educators and parents interested in providing the appropriate education for these special children and helping them achieve to their fullest potential.

When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers

When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers Author : Judy Galbraith
Release : 2015-04-15
Publisher : Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN : 1575425173
File Size : 79.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 348
Read : 806

Gifted kids are so much more than test scores and grades. Still, it’s sometimes difficult to see past the potential to the child who may be anxious, lonely, confused, or unsure of what the future might bring. This book, now fully revised with updated information and new survey quotes, offers practical suggestions for addressing the social and emotional needs of gifted students. The authors present ways to advocate for gifted education; help gifted underachievers, perfectionists, and twice-exceptional students; and provide all gifted kids with a safe, supportive learning environment. Complete with engaging stories, strategies, activities, and resources, this book is for anyone committed to helping gifted students thrive. Includes online digital content.

Gifted Myths: An Easy-to-Read Guide to Myths on the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Gifted Myths: An Easy-to-Read Guide to Myths on the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Author : Kathleen Humble
Release : 2019-11-25
Publisher : Perspectives
ISBN : 9780692174975
File Size : 90.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 595
Read : 322

Is Giftedness a myth? What is a Gifted Child? Why is Giftedness such a hot-button issue? Where does the fear and dislike of 'gifted' come from?Come on an adventure about how Mrs Einstein, newspaper articles from the 1920s, and the San people of the Kalahari Desert can help us understand what gifted is - and is not.In an easy-to-read style, Gifted Myths explores these and other stories on the history, science, and lived experience of gifted and twice-exceptional families.Gifted Myths is a must-read for parents, educators, and professionals who work with gifted and twice-exceptional children.

Bright Not Broken

Bright Not Broken Author : Diane M. Kennedy
Release : 2011-08-02
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1118101839
File Size : 39.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 809
Read : 496

The future of our society depends on our gifted children—thepopulation in which we’ll find our next Isaac Newton, AlbertEinstein, or Virginia Woolf. Yet the gifts and talents ofsome of our most brilliant kids may never be recognized becausethese children fall into a group known as twice exceptional, or“2e.” Twice exceptional kids are both gifted anddiagnosed with a disability—often ADHD or an Autism SpectrumDisorder—leading teachers and parents to overlook thechild’s talents and focus solely on his weaknesses. Toooften, these children get lost in an endless cycle of chasingdiagnostic labels and are never given the tools to fully realizetheir own potential. Bright Not Broken sheds new light on this vibrant population byidentifying who twice exceptional children are and taking anunflinching look at why they’re stuck. The first workto boldly examine the widespread misdiagnosis and controversiesthat arise from our current diagnostic system, it serves as awake-up call for parents and professionals to question why ourmental health and education systems are failing our brightestchildren. Most importantly, the authors show what we can do to help 2echildren, providing a whole child model for parents and educatorsto strengthen and develop a child’s innate gifts while alsointervening to support the deficits. Drawing on painstakingresearch and personal experience, Bright Not Broken offersgroundbreaking insight and practical strategies to those seeking tohelp 2e kids achieve their full potential. Diane M. Kennedy, author of The ADHD-Autism Connection, is a longtime advocate, international speaker/trainer, and mother of threetwice-exceptional sons. Rebecca S. Banks, M.A., co-author of The ADHD-Autism Connection, isa veteran educator, national speaker/trainer, and mother of twotwice-exceptional children. Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is a professor, prolific author, and one ofthe most accomplished and renowned adults with autism in the world.

The Twice-exceptional Child with Dyslexia

The Twice-exceptional Child with Dyslexia Author :
Release : 2014
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780979878497
File Size : 47.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 897
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Some gifted children have learning difficulties. ... One term applied to these children is GT/LD, or gifted and talented/learning disabled. Another common term ... is twice-exceptional, abbreviated 2ed

Grandparents' Guide to Gifted Children

Grandparents' Guide to Gifted Children Author : James T. Webb
Release : 2004
Publisher : Great Potential Press, Inc.
ISBN : 0910707685
File Size : 51.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 529
Read : 272

Grandparents, with their greater life experience, will often realize?Xeven before the parents?Xthat a child is gifted, and that the child will need additional emotional and intellectual sustenance. Grandparents Guide to Gifted Children includes: ?XEarly signs of giftedness ?XSpecial needs of gifted children ?XAreas of concern ?XUnique roles of grandparents ?XBuilding a bond with a grandchild ?XMaximizing grandparenting ?XEducation plans ?XWhen a grandparent is the parent ?XLeaving a personal legacy

Helping Gifted Children Soar

Helping Gifted Children Soar Author : Carol Strip Whitney
Release : 2011
Publisher : Great Potential PressInc
ISBN : 9781935067177
File Size : 59.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 837
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This updated, user-friendly guidebook educates parents and teachers about issues facing gifted children and the adults who guide them, such as selecting appropriate schools, expanding and differentiating the curriculum for gifted learners, and supporting children who experience stress, depression, perfectionism, and friendship.

Uniquely Gifted

Uniquely Gifted Author : Kiesa Kay
Release : 2000
Publisher : Avocus Pub
ISBN : 9781890765040
File Size : 24.52 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 712
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This is a collection of over 40 articles written by parents, teachers, and twice exceptional children themselves. It discusses the educational needs of children who are gifted but also are dealing with disabilities such as ADHD, Aspergers syndrome, dyslexia, et cetera.

Giftedness 101

Giftedness 101 Author : Linda Kreger Silverman, PhD
Release : 2012-12-12
Publisher : Springer Publishing Company
ISBN : 0826107982
File Size : 83.82 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 261
Read : 694

In my estimation Giftedness 101 ranks high among authoritative texts devoted to this particular population of children. It not only offers thorough experience and knowledge-based insights to those who are already or are contemplating serving the social emotional needs of these children in the future, but also those who profess to educate future teachers, those who would venture out into classrooms charged with the teaching and many others besides. It should be required reading for politicians - especially those who shape educational policy."--Gifted and Talented International "Linda Silverman is an articulate, insightful, authoritative, and extremely "gifted" international expert in the assessment of giftedness...[She] has created a gem with Giftedness 101. The fields of psychology and education should welcome this vibrant book with open arms." Alan S. Kaufman, PhD Yale Child Study Center School of Medicine "This is a really terrific book! I'm really impressed at how much information has been packed into it, how accessible it is (without talking down to the audience), and how well the author has parsed the many key issues in the world of giftedness. Parents and mental health professionals with find this book incredibly useful. I look forward to sharing it far and wide. I think it is a book that was badly needed and will really fill a niche." Corin Goodwin CEO & Executive Director, Gifted Homeschoolers Forum This is the most thorough history, explanation, and call to action for gifted advocates you will find."--Laughing at Chaos Blog What is giftedness? Is it the potential for success or is it the experience of being an "outsider"? This book addresses the unique psychological needs of gifted children, which are often manifested as "feeling different," and examines special issues such as gifted children with learning disabilities, gender considerations, implications of socio-economic status, and more. Giftedness 101 dispels common myths about giftedness and challenges the view that eminence is the true signifier of giftedness. It offers specific guidelines to psychologists, parents, and teachers; describes comprehensive assessment of the gifted; provides support for the twice exceptional; and focuses on the complex inner world of the gifted. The book defines giftedness as a psychological reality with powerful ramifications throughout the lifespan. Giftedness 101 will be a valuable, eye-opening resource for psychologists, educators, and other professionals who work with the gifted, as well as gifted individuals and their families. Key Features: Provides a concise, accessible overview of one of the most important and challenging topics in psychology and education Examines the concept of giftedness across the lifespan Covers both the intellectual assessment and development of gifted individuals as well as the psychological well-being issues of this population Written by a prominent expert in the field of the psychology of giftedness

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled Author : Susan M. Baum
Release : 2017
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781618216441
File Size : 27.49 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 811
Read : 352

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled is one of the most popular resources available on identifying and meeting the needs of twice-exceptional students. This updated third edition provides a comprehensive look at the complex world of students with remarkable gifts, talents, and interests, who simultaneously face learning, attention, or social challenges from LD, ADHD, ASD, and other disorders. Through case studies and years of research, the authors present a rationale for using a strength-based, talent-focused approach to meeting the needs of this special population. From a thorough description of twice-exceptionality and the unique learning patterns of these students, to strategies for identification, comprehensive programming, talent development, and instructional strategies, this book explores the distinguishing strengths (yellows) and complex challenges (blues) that these students face. In painting, green is a mix of yellow and blue - and, because of their individual characteristics, twice-exceptional students come in a remarkable range of greens.

What Really Works With Exceptional Learners

What Really Works With Exceptional Learners Author : Wendy W. Murawski
Release : 2017-01-20
Publisher : Corwin Press
ISBN : 1506363504
File Size : 51.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 907
Read : 1179

Your desk reference for success with exceptional students As education trends promote the inclusion of students with special needs, this book is the perfect resource for teachers and administrators who need to know what works…and what doesn’t. With personal experiences, references, and reproducibles, this book identifies evidence-based practices in an easy-access format. The editors and authors examine how special educational needs affect: Content areas like reading and math Specialization areas like autism and learning disabilities Pedagogical areas like culturally responsive practices and accommodations Other critical areas like legal issues, behavior challenges, and home-school collaboration