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Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery

Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery Author : Nicolas Jabbour
Release : 2008-04-15
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1405173475
File Size : 38.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Essential guide to the new field of transfusion-free medicineand surgery – written by leading experts in thefield. Transfusion Free Medicine and Surgery provides a comprehensiveapproach to a new paradigm shift in the field of bloodmanagement. The principles are easy and this platform provides anall-inclusive review of red blood cell production, oxygen delivery,coagulation and the role of blood transfusion in an intensive caresetting. Controversial as it may sound, this book opens the doorfor ethical/legal debates, by putting them into perspective andproviding answers to perplexing situations. The economics of bloodtransfusion and the hidden costs that allude the clinician are alsobrought into the equation. Why Buy This Book? Provides the groundwork for developing a successfultransfusion-free clinical program Includes all key issues related to blood products, bloodtransfusion and transfusion-free medicine and surgery Discusses controversial issues associated with this new andfast moving field Includes self-assessment questions to help the reader withtheir continuing professional education and development Transfusion Free Medicine and Surgery is ideal for: Specialists working in transfusion and transfusion-freemedicine Haematologists in practice and in training Anyone involved in any surgical discipline, internal medicine,ICU care or anaesthesia who is interested in this field

Perioperative Safety E-Book

Perioperative Safety E-Book Author : Donna S. Watson
Release : 2010-03-08
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN : 0323081606
File Size : 84.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The only book devoted to this increasingly important issue, Perioperative Safety helps you reduce risk in a setting where even small errors can lead to life-threatening complications. Expert author Donna Watson addresses essential safety principles and concepts, covering patient safety with topics such as the latest safety strategies and initiatives, perioperative safe medication use, preventing infections, anesthesia safety, normothermia management, and electrosurgery. Coverage of staff and workplace safety helps you minimize risk with bloodborne pathogens, latex allergy, the use of lasers, and radiation exposure. Case studies show the application of safety concepts in real-world situations. Unique! The only book devoted to the increasingly important issue of perioperative safety, where small errors can lead to life-threatening complications. Unique! Highly qualified writers are some of the leading experts in the perioperative field, so material is up to date and emphasizes the most important information. Unique! Clinical Points boxes call attention to key points in promoting safety for both patients and staff in the perioperative setting. Unique! Case studies describe real-life scenarios related to promoting patient safety. Figures and tables are used to support important content.


Newsweek Author :
Release : 2005-05
Publisher :
File Size : 44.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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America's Top Doctors

America's Top Doctors Author : Castle Connolly Medical Ltd
Release : 2005
Publisher : Castle Connolly Medical
File Size : 34.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 389
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The selection of medical providers for inclusion in this book was based in part on opinions solicited from physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. The author and publishers cannot assure the accuracy of information provided to them by third parties, since such opinions are necessarily subjective and may be incomplete. The omission from this book of particular health care providers does not mean that such providers are not competent or reputable.

Transfusion Immunology and Medicine

Transfusion Immunology and Medicine Author : Carel J. van Oss
Release : 1995-01-27
Publisher : CRC Press
ISBN : 9780824796402
File Size : 72.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Based on the proceedings of the International Convocation on Immunology held recently at the State University of New York at Buffalo, this up-to-date resource provides a state-of-the-art examination of blood transfusion practice and its future possibilities. Explains the immunological effects of blood transfusion as well as its immunological and microbiological hazards and offers potential remedies!

Music and Cancer: A Prescription for Healing

Music and Cancer: A Prescription for Healing Author : Associate Director of Gynecologic Oncology Director of Music and the Arts in Medicine Assistant Professor Department of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Science the Mount Sinai School of Medicine New York New York Director of Nimesh P Nagarsheth
Release : 2010-10-25
Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN : 1449610943
File Size : 76.55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From diagnosis to end-of-life care to the meaning behind life with cancer, Music and Cancer: A Prescription for Healing is designed to improve the quality of life of people affected by cancer in a way that could only be conveyed through the incredible healing powers of music and the arts. This book has important information valuable to patients, caregivers, friends, and family members about what to expect when faced with cancer including dealing with the diagnosis and logistics of treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This important book addresses a wide range of issues taking into consideration the complete care of the cancer patient.

Crash Course: Quick Reference Guide to Medicine and Surgery - E-Book

Crash Course: Quick Reference Guide to Medicine and Surgery - E-Book Author : Leonora Weil
Release : 2014-08-09
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN : 0723437955
File Size : 48.18 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 134
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Crash Course – your effective everyday study companion PLUS the perfect antidote for exam stress! Save time and be assured you have all the information you need in one place to excel on your course and achieve exam success. Crash Course Quick Reference Guide to Medicine and Surgery is a unique new volume in the series, spanning the core clinical topics across the medical curriculum. It is as useful for your first day as a clinical medical student as it is for preparing for your medical finals and beyond. Presented in a consistent format that is clear, concise and easy to assimilate, it is an essential text for any medical student or junior doctor. Includes the core medicine and surgery that you need for examinations Clear explanations for every common medical condition with an emphasis on the key points A consistent format to allow quick reference for each disease Maintains a focus throughout on questions that commonly appear in the final MBBS examinations Mnemonics, memory aids and figures are included to aid with revision Written by recent graduates together with consultants and experts for each specialty– those closest to what is essential for exam success Quality assured by leading Faculty Advisors – to ensure complete accuracy of information Co-written by specialty experts Comes with access to the complete electronic version for enhanced anytime, anywhere access, with seamless real-time integration between devices Written by senior medical students or junior doctors – authors WHO REALLY UNDERSTAND today’s exam situation! Senior Faculty Advisors ensure complete accuracy of the text! Rich artwork programme and other useful aide-mémoires help you remember the key points! Self-Assessment section – fully updated to reflect new curriculum requirements – helps you maximise your grade!

America's Top Doctors

America's Top Doctors Author :
Release : 2003
Publisher : Castle Connolly Medical Limited
ISBN : 9781883769369
File Size : 31.37 MB
Format : PDF
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Each year, millions of Americans are affected by critical and life threatening illnesses and injuries. At such times, many people realize that the medical care available within their local community may not be able to meet their needs and they seek out the very best medical care the nation has to offer. But how does a patient or a family identify the nation's top medical specialists and hospitals? Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. surveyed over 230,000 physicians including medical school deans, residency program director and chiefs of service and asked them to nominate the top doctors in their specialties.Then our physician-led research team reviewed the credentials of all physicians considered for inclusion before making a final selection. The result is America's Top Doctors, a directory of more than 4,000 of the nation's top referral specialists. These physicians practice at the nation's leading medical centers and specialty hospitals and they are the doctors patients seek when they need the very best medial care. Also included in the guide is a narrative explaining how to find a top doctor or hospital, as well as detailed descriptions of some of the outstanding programs and services offered by many of the nation's leading hospitals. The Guide also includes useful appendices, descriptions of all medical specialties and a listing of health/medical resources. The book is fully indexed, including a subject index and doctor (name and location) index. Additionally, specific chapters describe how to utilize the resources of the NIH and how to access clinical trials. America's Top Doctors is a consumer guide, not a "who's who," and is researched and published by experienced medical and healthcare professionals. Castle Connolly Guides are designed to help consumers find the best healthcare and are a trusted source of information for thousands of book buyers and web-users each year.The company's founders were the chairman and the president of one of the nation's leading private medical colleges.

Los Angeles Magazine

Los Angeles Magazine Author :
Release : 2007-11
Publisher :
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Modern Healthcare

Modern Healthcare Author :
Release : 1998-10
Publisher :
File Size : 28.35 MB
Format : PDF
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Manual of Medical-Surgical Nursing Care - E-Book

Manual of Medical-Surgical Nursing Care - E-Book Author : Frances Donovan Monahan
Release : 2010-09-08
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN : 0323083412
File Size : 67.29 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 878
Read : 884

Known for its reliable, clinically focused content, Swearingen's Manual of Medical-Surgical Nursing provides a quick reference to 125 of the most commonly encountered medical-surgical conditions. Expert authors Fran Monahan, RN, PhD, ANEF, Marianne Neighbors, EdD, RN, and Carol Green, PhD, RN, CNE make it easy to find and use the information you need to know to provide optimal patient care. Unique to this manual, outcome criteria include specific and measurable timeframes to help in establishing realistic treatment goals and evaluating the effectiveness of care. For students, it's an ideal resource for care planning and clinicals; for practitioners, it's a great clinical reference! More than 125 common medical-surgical conditions are organized by body system for convenient use as a clinical reference. A quick-reference, easy-to-use format includes these headings for each med-surg disorder: Overview/Pathophysiology Assessment Diagnostic Tests Collaborative Management Nursing Diagnoses and Interventions Patient-Family Teaching and Discharge Planning Outcome criteria feature specific and measurable timeframes for each outcome. Patient teaching for each disorder helps you educate patients and their families for self-care and discharge. Clinical notes and cautions stress key points or alerts related to various disorders and conditions. An overview of nursing considerations for the hospitalized patient includes concepts relevant to many disorders, such as perioperative care, pain, prolonged bed rest, psychosocial support, and older adult care. Attractive two-color design highlights key information for fast reference. A durable, water-resistant cover prolongs the life of the book. Thorough updates provide you with the latest evidence-based practice content and clinical developments, including the newest Joint Commission standards, latest screening recommendations, revised treatment guidelines, new drugs, and lab tests. New Burns section covers the care of burns in the medical-surgical setting. New Immunologic Disorders unit discusses transfusion reactions, hypersensitivity, and AIDS. New Cancer Care unit updates and expands coverage of lung cancer, nervous system tumors, GI malignancies, neoplastic diseases of the hematopoietic system, head/neck cancers, breast cancer, and GI cancer. An emphasis on patient safety addresses preventable patient safety issues.

Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient

Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient Author : Pierre-Alain Clavien
Release : 2011-11-23
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1444398423
File Size : 48.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 792
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This book builds on the success of previous editions, once again providing hepatologists the most current clinical guide on how to best treat the liver transplant recipient. With an international mix of experienced contributors, this new edition highlights initial indication and selection of the potential recipient, management of the donor organ, post-operative complications in the patient through to acute recovery, long-term follow-up, and continued health. This provides the user a complete guide to the correct clinical management of both the recipient and the donor organ through all stages of transplantation.

Insiders Guide - Las Vegas

Insiders Guide - Las Vegas Author : David Stratton
Release : 2000-07
Publisher : Insiders' Guide (NC)
ISBN : 9781573801522
File Size : 23.54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 682
Read : 836

The Insiders' Guides series has an all-new look and feel for 2000! The terrific content that the series is known for -- the best hotels, restaurants, annual events, and attractions, parks and recreation chapters, and superb relocation information -- is showcased in the new, handy 6 x 9 trim size, bright, eye-catching cover with updated logo, and a streamlined, easy-to-use interior.The best travel guide to one of America's most popular vacation spots, Insiders' Guide to Las Vegas has information on all the posh new resorts in this desert tribute to hedonism. Special chapters on casino games, gaming resorts, nongaming accommodations, and independent casinos are augmented by our usual rundown of attractions, shopping, and recreation options for guests and newcomers.

Medicine and Surgery E-Book

Medicine and Surgery E-Book Author : Eric KS Lim
Release : 2007-07-27
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN : 0702040142
File Size : 82.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 973
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This is a stunning new hybrid textbook that has evolved as a direct response to the increasing integration of the two disciplines of medicine and surgery in today's medical curricula. The advantage of this combined approach is it reduces the amount of reading by the elimination of repetition (and inconsistencies) to provide an integrated explanation of the common problems faced both by students during exams and clinicians in daily practice. This book's greatest asset is the ability to illustrate that medical and surgical treatment options are actually part of a continuum in the management of disease. An integrated textbook combining the two major clinical specialities of general medicine and general surgery. Written and edited by a team of physicians and surgeons supported by a team of specialist subject advisors. Puts medicine and surgery in the context of the continuum of disease management and outlines a comprehensive and structured approach to patient management. Adopts a current evidence-based approach with extensive use of national and international guidelines. A full colour textbook with innovative design features and illustrations.