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The Political Value of Time

The Political Value of Time Author : Elizabeth F. Cohen
Release : 2018-03
Publisher :
ISBN : 1108419836
File Size : 74.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Analyses of why precise dates and quantities of time become critical to transactions over citizenship rights in liberal democracies.

Time for Land Value Tax?

Time for Land Value Tax? Author : Dominic Maxwell
Release : 2005
Publisher : Institute for Public Policy Research
ISBN : 9781860302909
File Size : 71.83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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There is a growing consensus that property taxation needs reform . . . Land Value Taxation could help in the reforms of Council Tax, local government finance, planning and housebuilding, as well as promoting macroeconomic stability. Introducing any changes will require long-term planning, detailed economic and distributional analysis - and, above all, political courage. But, with vision and patience, a consensus is possible. Now is the time to seek it.Time for Land Value Tax? brings together leading economists and political theorists to explore the case for and against land value taxation.

Time and Ethics

Time and Ethics Author : H. L. Dyke
Release : 2013-03-09
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 9401735301
File Size : 47.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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There is a pressing need for an investigation into how time and ethics impact on each other. This book leads the way in addressing that need. The essays in this collection raise and investigate some of the key issues that arise at the intersection between these two areas of philosophy. It is for undergraduates, postgraduates and professional philosophers.

Option Spread Trading

Option Spread Trading Author : Russell Rhoads
Release : 2010-12-08
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 9780470944325
File Size : 39.51 MB
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A practical guide to unlocking the power of option spreads When dealing with option spreads your looking to purchase one option in conjunction with the sale of another option. If managed properly, these spreads can provide experienced investors with the potential for large returns without undertaking a great deal of risk. Option Spread Trading provides a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand explanation of option spreads, and shows you how to select the best spread strategy for any given market outlook. Along the way, author Russell Rhoads discusses spread strategies that can be used to profit from a strong up or down directional move in a stock, a stagnant market, or a highly volatile market. He also details how you can harness the leverage of options to create a low-risk position that provides the potential for a big profit. All manner of spreads are covered, from calendar and horizontal spreads to vertical and diagonal spreads Highlights how you can monitor and adjust an existing spread position and provides tips on how to exit a spread trade Includes exercises and examples to test and reinforce your knowledge of the concepts presented Option spread trading has become increasingly popular with active traders and investors. Gain a better understanding of this powerful approach with Option Spread Trading as your guide.

The Time Value of Life

The Time Value of Life Author : Tisa L. Silver, MBA
Release : 2011-06-20
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1936236443
File Size : 27.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Life is treasured in minutes, hours, days, months, and years. In The Time Value of Life, author Tisa L. Silver shares how a simple decision-making rule used in ?nance can be applied to making decisions in other areas of life—especially how to wisely use the time you’ve been given on earth. A student-turned-professor of ?nance, Silver introduces the Time Value of Money (TVM) model. She uses hypothetical and real-life examples to show why time should be treated as a valuable gift and demonstrates the parallels between ?nance and life and between money and time. Silver advocates taking the following steps: Recognize time is a limited resource. Diversify investments. Respect time. Believe in your investments. Make collaborative investments. Understand good investments pay o?. Realize the past doesn’t dictate the future. Know that your future value depends on your inputs. The Time Value of Life communicates that time is more valuable than money because the value of your life depends on what you do with your time. Stop spending time; start investing it. By being careful about the way you invest your time now, you can enjoy the rewards later.

The Religion Of The Samurai (Annotated Edition)

The Religion Of The Samurai (Annotated Edition) Author : Kaiten Nukariya
Release : 2012
Publisher : Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN : 3849622037
File Size : 53.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is the extended and annotated edition including * an extensive annotation of more than 10.000 words about the history and basics of Buddhism, written by Thomas William Rhys Davids * an interactive table-of-contents * perfect formatting for electronic reading devices This study of Zen philosophy and the disciples in China and Japan elaborates on the differences between Mahayana Buddhism and Theraveda. The Zen sect is one of many Buddhist sects and has millions of followers worldwide. Contents: Preface To Second Edition. Preface. Introduction. Chapter I. Life Of Shakyamuni Till His Appearance At Benares As A Teacher. Chapter Ii. Life Of Buddha From His Appearance As A Teacher At Benares To The Conversion Of Rahula. Chapter Iii. From The Commencement Of Rahula's Religious Life Till The Near Approach Of The Nirvana. Chapter Iv. Last Discourses And Death Of Buddha. Chapter V. The Patriarchs Of The Northern Buddhists. Chapter Vi. Sketch Of The History Of Buddhism In China. Chapter Vii. The Schools Of Chinese Buddhism. Chapter Viii. On Chi-K'ai And The T'ien-T'ai School Of Buddhism. Chapter Ix. The Buddhist Moral System. Chapter X. The Buddhist Calendar. Chapter Xi. Relation Of Buddhism To The Older Hindoo Mythology. Chapter Xii. The Buddhist Universe. Chapter Xiii. The Extended Universe Of The Northern Buddhists. Chapter Xiv. Buddhist Images And Image Worship. Chapter Xv. Monasteries At P'u-To. Chapter Xvi. Buddhist Processions, Associations, Pilgrimages, And Ceremonies For The Dead. Chapter Xvii. Buddhist Literature. Chapter Xviii. The Leng-Yen-King.--First Chapter. Chapter Xix. The Ekashloka Shastra. Chapter Xx. Effect Of Buddhism On The Philosophy Of The Sung Dynasty. Chapter Xxi. Feng-Shui; Or, The Wind And Water Superstition Of The Chinese. Chapter Xxii. Buddhist Phraseology In Relation To Christian Teaching. Chapter Xxiii. Notice Of The Wu-Wei-Kiau, A Reformed Buddhist Sect. Chapter Xxiv. Buddhism And Tauism In Their Popular Aspects. Chapter Xxvi. Books And Papers That May Be Consulted For The Study Of Chinese Buddhism.

Start Now: Unlock the Money Value of Time

Start Now: Unlock the Money Value of Time Author : Jim D. Little
Release : 2014-10-03
Publisher :
ISBN : 1483415104
File Size : 38.81 MB
Format : PDF
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Start Now: Unlock the Money Value of Time dispels the myth that only the high-income earner can become debt-free and build a solid financial foundation. Young adults-yes, even those with average incomes-can learn to engage time now while they have it, together with compound interest, to gain a strong advantage in the financial game. Jim D. Little is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. He received a B.S. degree in Accounting from Auburn University in 1972 and has operated his own accounting and tax practice for 33 years. He is married, has three children, a son-in-law, and two grandchildren.

Time Out Las Vegas

Time Out Las Vegas Author : Editors of Time Out
Release : 2012-07-13
Publisher : Time Out Guides
ISBN : 1846703530
File Size : 37.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Time Out Las Vegas is the only crib sheet travelers need to the world's most outlandish city. Whether going for a short or extended visit, this guide is an invaluable companion through the neon maze that awaits in Las Vegas. With the lowdown on all the hotels and casinos, money-saving tips, extensive restaurant reviews, hints on the hottest nightlife, and a full guide to gambling, it leaves nothing to chance. This seventh edition proves that there is more to Sin City than just sequins and slots — the dramatic expansion in hotel accommodations, fine dining, and shopping is attracting tourists from every economic strata, not just those with gambling as their sole agenda. The guide contains a detailed explanation of what games are available in the casinos, as well as tips on how to play them. There is also a chapter on suggested side trips to Hoover Dam, as well as other sights in Nevada and Arizona.

Windows to the Heart of People of Faith

Windows to the Heart of People of Faith Author : Chris Anianwu
Release : 2013-04-18
Publisher :
ISBN : 145661570X
File Size : 82.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The people who wrote their names in gold in the sight of God were people of faith. Those ordinary people changed their world by believing God in the face of incredible odds. Each of them passed through unimaginable circumstances but because they held unto God, He moved in their favor. To prove God as they did or to excel their exploits in the field of faith, it is important for us to peep into their mindset when they were in the eyes of the storms of life. The problem is that if we fail to walk in faith, we miss God. On the other hand, if we fail to learn from people of faith, we stand to lose. A close look at what people of faith said or did when they were in the battlefield will help anybody who wants to travel far with God. A good understanding of how they were feeling and proper appropriation to our circumstances will give us the much needed victory. If they succeeded with few examples to guide them, we can do better. The ball is in our court.

CBA of Cycling

CBA of Cycling Author :
Release : 2005
Publisher : Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN : 9289312092
File Size : 56.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Third Kingdom

The Third Kingdom Author : Terry Goodkind
Release : 2013-08-20
Publisher : Tor Books
ISBN : 1466826274
File Size : 75.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Terry Goodkind returns to the lives of Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell—in The Third Kingdom, the direct sequel to his #1 New York Times bestseller The Omen Machine. Richard saw the point of a sword blade sticking out from between the man's shoulder blades. He spun back toward Richard after throwing the woman out the opening, ready to attack. It seemed impossible, but the man looked unaffected by the blade that had impaled him through the chest. It was then, in the weak light from the fire pit off to the side, that Richard got his first good look at the killer. Three knives were buried up to their brass cross-guards in the man's chest. Only the handles were showing. Richard saw, too, the broken end of a sword blade jutting out from the center of the man's chest. The point of that same blade stuck out from the man's back. Richard recognized the knife handles. All three were the style carried by the men of the First File. He looked from those blades that should have killed the big man, up into his face. That was when he realized the true horror of the situation, and the reason for the unbearable stench of death. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Real-Time Customer Value Management – Sales and Churn Triggers

Real-Time Customer Value Management – Sales and Churn Triggers Author : Forte Consultancy Group
Release :
Publisher : Forte Consultancy
File Size : 31.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Traditional monthly churn prediction or sales potential models help companies identify only some of the opportunities they can take action on to grow and retain their customer base; real-time sales and churn triggers help identify the rest…

On The Edge

On The Edge Author : Anthony Giddens
Release : 2012-01-31
Publisher : Random House
ISBN : 1448130263
File Size : 81.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Capitalism has become the universal social and economic order of our time. The capitalism of today, however, differs from that of previous eras; with intensifying globalisation, flexible organisations, and new forms of class divisions. Globalisation brings new possibilities, but also new risks, ranging from degradation of the environment to the concentrated control of the media. On the Edge comprises original essays by, among others, Polly Toynbee, Richard Senett and George Soros. They chart the contours of contemporary capitalism, analyse the role of the business firm, and consider whether the new capitalism is compatible with social cohesion and social justice. They discuss capitalism both as a form of culture and as an influence on daily life, and ask if capitalism has any viable rivals at the turn of the millennium.

Person and Self-Value

Person and Self-Value Author : Max Scheler
Release : 2012-12-06
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 940093503X
File Size : 48.69 MB
Format : PDF
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From the mysterious powers and forces peculiar to both individual and community that can turn our lives into either good or bad lives, I wish to point to two such powers being at the same time different in their own nature and yet closely related to each other: The powers that emerge from exemplary persons and leaders. Understood as basic to both sociology and the philosophy of history, it comes to us as no surprise that the problem of exemplary persons and leaders - along with the questions of the qualities types, selections and education of leaders; forms of unison existing be tween leaders and their followers, all of which belonging to the subdivisions of this problem - must be a burning problem for a people whose historical leaders from all walks of life have, in part, been swept away by wars and revolutions. This fact we also find in all salient epochs of history characterized more or less by changes in leadership. It is precisely for this reason that in our own time every group appears to struggle ever so hard with this problem, namely, who their leaders should be. This pertains equally to a group within a party, to a class, to occupations, to unions, to various schools or present-day youth movements, and even to religious and ecclesias tical groupings. Beyond any comparison, there is yearning everywhere for lead ership.