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The Dor Gallery of Bible Illustrations - The Original Classic Edition

The Dor Gallery of Bible Illustrations - The Original Classic Edition Author : Gustave Dore
Release : 2011-12-19
Publisher : Tebbo
ISBN : 9781743386811
File Size : 67.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dore's 'Bible Illustrations' is a very beautiful and nostalgic trip into Victorian book illustration. I remember these images from a multi- volume 'Bible for Children' that I had as a child. I was parted from those books, but always remembered the images, and what a lasting effect they had on my spirituality, and my internal image of God. I was so happy to be able to buy the Dore 'Bible Illustrations'. I am an artist with a special interest in Victorian imagery, and will treasure this volume. I think any person interested in Victorian art, and Christian iconography will enjoy this book. The Dore Bible Illustrations are magnificent. One looks at them and marvels at their intricasy and sensitivity. Everyone who sees this book asks how to obtain a copy. It is a brilliant and bright look backwards, like a trip to Sunday school. Special care has been taken to bind the book. I highly recommend this book for every person who believes in Christ and I know this is wonderful to read and ponder before bedtime. THE DORE BIBLE ILLUSTRATIONS is the most highly praised and famous series of pencil drawings (turned into fine woodcuts by artisan engravers) crafted by the celebrated French illustrator, Paul Gustave Dor (1833-1883). These illustrations are inspired and memorable containing depictions of popular scenes and personalities as idealized conceptions, poetic and fanciful, from both the Jewish and Christian, biblical traditions. Dor 's talent is mystically potent with his dramatic, chariscura renderings of moody heavens and skies; panoramic vistas and landscapes; and grand buildings and interiors, all to frame the engaging, spiritual dramas of salvation history. A moving, gallery stroll for young and old alike.

The Doré Gallery of Bible Stories

The Doré Gallery of Bible Stories Author : Josephine Pollard
Release : 2017-11-29
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 9781981281794
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Book Size: 8 1/2" x 11". 112 pages. From thePreface. THE pleasure and profit of studying Sacred Scripture are greatly enhanced by the aid of pictorial illustration. Even the rudest sketch may throw light upon the divine record, and assist the mind to the understanding of the lessons which the words How much more is this true when the highest degree of artistic talent is brought to the service of the explanation of the Word of God. Of all the artists who have lent their skill to the illustration of the Bible, the gifted Dor� stands pre-eminent. With graphic touch he illuminates the sacred page, and in speaking lines brings out a wealth of meaning which might otherwise remain obscure. The present volume groups some of the leading incidents of Bible history, from its opening in Eden, to its close in the ascent of the Redeemer from Olivet. It may serve as a welcome message for home reading, and for the pleasant instruction of the family in the truths which are valued by all who love the Bible. CONTENTS. The Creation Of Light. Adam And Eve Driven Out Of Eden. The Death Of Abel. The Deluge The Confusion Of Tongues. The Trial Of Abraham's Faith. Isaac Blessing Jacob. Jacob's Dream. Joseph Sold By His Brethren. Joseph Makes Himself Known To His Brethren. The Finding Of Moses. The Death Of The First-born. The Brazen Serpent. Samson And Delilah. Death Of Samson. Boaz And Ruth. David And Goliath. Judgment Of Solomon. Solomon Receiving The Queen Of Sheba. The Children Torn By Bears. Esther Accusing Haman. Job And His Friends. Daniel Interpreting The Writing On The Wall. Jonah Cast Forth By The Whale. The Nativity. The Flight Into Egypt. Jesus With The Doctors. The Temptation. Jesus And The Woman Of Samaria. The Buyers And Sellers Driven Out Of The Temple. Jesus Healing A Man Sick Of The Palsy. Jesus And His Disciples In The Corn-field. The Sermon On The Mount. Christ And The Tribute Money. Jesus Healing The Sick. Christ Speaking From A Ship. Jesus Preaching To The Multitude. Arrival Of The Good Samaritan At The Inn. The Return Of The Prodigal Son. Lazarus At The Rich Man's House. Jesus Blessing Little Children. The Widow's Mite. The Last Supper. Jesus Praying In The Garden. The Judas Kiss. Peter Denying Christ. The Crown Of Thorns. Jesus Falling Beneath The Cross. Darkness At The Crucifixion. The Descent From The Cross. The Burial Of Christ. The Ascension.

The Publishers' Trade List Annual

The Publishers' Trade List Annual Author :
Release : 1899
Publisher :
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Dictionary of Biblical Imagery

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery Author : Leland Ryken
Release : 2010-06-11
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
ISBN : 0830867333
File Size : 40.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A Christianity Today 1999 Book of the Year! Every reader of the Bible has encountered the powerful, comforting and sometimes puzzling imagery of Scripture. These concrete pictures with their hidden force have struck sharp and lasting impressions on our minds. Their imprint has etched itself on the language and grammar of Christian faith and Western culture. Why then do traditional Bible dictionaries and reference works offer so little help to explorers of the Bible's galaxy of verbal pictures? They excel in describing the climate, borders and location of Galilee or Sinai. But they are often blind to the artistic expressions and deaf to the musical meanings that echo from within the world of the biblical text. The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery is the first contemporary reference work dedicated to exploring the images, symbols, motifs, metaphors and literary patterns found in the Bible. More than that, it examines the Bible's universal archetypes or master images--including the plot motifs and character types that recur throughout life, literature and the Bible. This unique dictionary explores the dazzling variety in which the Word of God comes dressed in clothes of everyday life. It traces the trail of images from Eden to the New Jerusalem. It captures the plotted patterns of biblical narrative. It surveys the imaged texture of each book of the Bible. In short, The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery is an inviting, enlightening and indispensable companion to the reading, study, contemplation and enjoyment of the Bible.

Young Men's Era

Young Men's Era Author :
Release : 1894
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The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible Author :
Release : 1855
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The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum Author : James Silk Buckingham
Release : 1874
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The Publishers Weekly

The Publishers Weekly Author :
Release : 1881
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The Art Journal

The Art Journal Author :
Release : 1866
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The Churchman

The Churchman Author :
Release : 1880
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Bible, Art, Gallery

Bible, Art, Gallery Author : Martin O'Kane
Release : 2011
Publisher : Sheffield Phoenix Press Limited
ISBN : 9781906055639
File Size : 20.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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While Old Masters' paintings of biblical scenes held by major galleries in many countries are visited and seen by thousands, gems of biblical art in smaller, provincial galleries seldom get the recognition and attention they deserve. Over two years, assisted by funding from the British Academy, conferences were held at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham, and at the Manchester Art Gallery, highlighting some of the significant biblical paintings held in the collections of both galleries. The papers presented at these conferences, drawn from the worlds of biblical studies, art history, philosophy, sociology and music, and collected in this volume, reflect the interdisciplinary goals of the project. These essays serve not only to showcase biblical paintings by lesser known artists but also to illustrate the wide range of perspectives and insights brought by the different academic disciplines.