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Conquest of Mind

Conquest of Mind Author : Eknath Easwaran
Release : 2010
Publisher : Nilgiri Press
ISBN : 1586380478
File Size : 26.7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Combines meditation practice with day-to-day mindfulness to help readers conquer unwanted thoughts and choose more wisely. By the author of Meditation and Timeless Wisdom. Original.

To Overcome Oneself

To Overcome Oneself Author : J. Michelle Molina
Release : 2013-06-01
Publisher : Univ of California Press
ISBN : 0520955048
File Size : 78.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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To Overcome Oneself offers a novel retelling of the emergence of the Western concept of "modern self," demonstrating how the struggle to forge a self was enmeshed in early modern Catholic missionary expansion. Examining the practices of Catholics in Europe and New Spain from the 1520s through the 1760s, the book treats Jesuit techniques of self-formation, namely spiritual exercises and confessional practices, and the relationships between spiritual directors and their subjects. Catholics on both sides of the Atlantic were folded into a dynamic that shaped new concepts of self and, in the process, fueled the global Catholic missionary movement. Molina historicizes Jesuit meditation and narrative self-reflection as modes of self-formation that would ultimately contribute to a new understanding of religion as something private and personal, thereby overturning long-held concepts of personhood, time, space, and social reality. To Overcome Oneself demonstrates that it was through embodied processes that humans have come to experience themselves as split into mind and body. Notwithstanding the self-congratulatory role assigned to "consciousness" in the Western intellectual tradition, early moderns did not think themselves into thinking selves. Rather, "the self" was forged from embodied efforts to transcend self. Yet despite a discourse that situates self as interior, the actual fuel for continued self-transformation required an object-cum-subject—someone else to transform. Two constant questions throughout the book are: Why does the effort to know and transcend self require so many others? And what can we learn about the inherent intersubjectivity of missionary colonialism?

Philosophy of Gorakhnath with Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha

Philosophy of Gorakhnath with Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha Author : Akshaya Kumar Banerjea
Release : 1983
Publisher : Motilal Banarsidass Publishe
ISBN : 9788120805347
File Size : 69.75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The cult of the Kanphata Yogis is a definite unite within Hinduism, and its study is essential for understanding this phase of the religious life of India. the book is divided into three sections. The first two sections comprising chapters 1 - 13 deal with the cult and history of this sec. the third section containing chapters 14 - 16 opens with the Sanskrit Text Goraksastaka and its English rendering and annotations. The book is fully documented. It has a preface, Glossary, Bibliography, Plates and General Index. This book is an attempt to present a systematic and consistent account of the philosophical background of the spiritual culture associated with the names of Yogi Gorakhnath and other adepts of the natha school.

The Spiritual Conquest of Mexico

The Spiritual Conquest of Mexico Author : Robert Ricard
Release : 1974
Publisher : Univ of California Press
ISBN : 9780520027602
File Size : 24.17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Spiritual Direction in Context

Spiritual Direction in Context Author : Nick Wagner
Release : 2006-03-01
Publisher : Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN : 0819222097
File Size : 47.6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Essays drawn from Presence, the journal of Spiritual Directors International, examine spiritual direction in different social contexts: in the workplace, with the aging, in hospitals, with women's groups, with youth, with the homeless, and with those in m

The Theosophical Forum

The Theosophical Forum Author :
Release : 1898
Publisher :
File Size : 67.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Spiritual Victory, Conquest of Mind, Body, Spirit

Spiritual Victory, Conquest of Mind, Body, Spirit Author : Christina R. Jussaume
Release : 2012-01
Publisher :
ISBN : 1105042723
File Size : 33.96 MB
Format : PDF
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This collection is the 3rd book in healing series on theme of "Spiritual healing of Mind, Body and Soul." Within this collection you will find a variety of Poetic forms and a full Poetic Glossary of the over 90 forms both old and new. All poems with Bible verses, about Love, God and Nature. The Christian soldier on the front represents when someone goes on a crusade to find themselves.

The Spiritual Magazine

The Spiritual Magazine Author :
Release : 1860
Publisher :
File Size : 69.29 MB
Format : PDF
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The Elements of the Spiritual Life

The Elements of the Spiritual Life Author : F.P. Harton
Release : 2004-11-11
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 1592449883
File Size : 49.5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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ÒMy aim in writing this book has been to give to my brethren of the Anglican Communion what we do not at present possess, a comprehensive study of the Christian spiritual life. The need of such a work is becoming increasingly clear; there are signs in many quarters of a real desire for the spiritual life, and priests are beginning to discover the vital and practical importance of a knowledge of ascetical theology. . . . ÒThe plan of the book is simple. Part I deals with the action of God in the soul by grace; Part II with the human resistance to the divine will and the means whereby that resistance may be overcome; Part III is a brief outline of the divine economy of the sacraments; Part IV is concerned with the life of prayer, and in Part V we consider the end of the spiritual life and the ways by which that end may be reached, concluding with a chapter on the guidance of souls with some consideration of the qualities of the ideal director.Ó --from the Preface