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Poems Bewitched And Haunted

Poems Bewitched And Haunted Author : John Hollander
Release : 2005
Publisher : Everyman's Library
ISBN : 1400043883
File Size : 23.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An anthology of fantastical and ghostly poems spans some three thousand years of literary explorations of the supernatural in works by Homer, Ovid, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Virgil, Charles Baudelaire, Randall Jarrell, and James Merrill, among others.

Everyman's Library Pocket Poets Set

Everyman's Library Pocket Poets Set Author : Everyman's Library
Release : 2007-01-31
Publisher : Everyman's Library
ISBN : 9780307384034
File Size : 37.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From the selected works of such celebrated and beloved poets as W. H. Auden, Robert and Elizabeth Browning, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, and William Shakespeare, to anthologies on Jazz and Blues and Beat Poets, to collections on the timeless themes of love and marriage, friendship and motherhood, the Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets set has it all. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in this 75-volume set, from Animal Poems to Zen Poems. Each book comes in an elegant 256-page pocket-sized hardcover edition (4 1/8" x 6 1/4"), with full-cloth covers, lovely illustrated and jewel-tone jackets, silk ribbon markers, and gold stamping. Perfect for your home library, or as a gift for any occasion. This set includes one each of the following titles: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry edited by Peter Washington Animal Poems edited by John Hollander Anna Akhmatova by Anna Akhmatova Auden: Poems by W. H. Auden Baudelaire: Poems by Charles Baudelaire Beat Poets edited by Carmela Ciuraru Blake: Poems by William Blake Blues Poems edited by Kevin Young Browning: Poems by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning Byron: Poems by Lord Byron, G. Gordon Chinese Erotic Poems edited by Tony Barnstone and Chou Ping Christmas Poems edited by Peter Washington Coleridge: Poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Comic Poems edited by Peter Washington Conversation Pieces by Kurt Brown The Dance edited by Emily Fragos Dickinson: Poems by Emily Dickinson Doggerel edited by Carmela Ciuraru Donne: Poems by John Donne Eliot: Poems by T. S. Eliot Emerson: Poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson Emily Bronte: Poems by Emily Bronte Erotic Poems edited by Peter Washington Eugene Onegin and Other Poems by Alexander Pushkin Fatherhood edited by Carmela Ciuraru Friendship Poems edited by Peter Washington Frost: Poems by Robert Frost Garden Poems edited by John Hollander The Great Cat edited by Emily Fragos Haiku edited by Peter Washington Hardy: Poems by Thomas Hardy Herbert: Poems by George Herbert Hopkins: Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins Hughes: Poems by Langston Hughes Indian Love Poems edited by Meena Alexander Jazz Poems edited by Kevin Young Keats: Poems by John Keats Kipling: Poems by Rudyard Kipling Letters by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Love Letters edited by Peter Washington Love Poems edited by Peter Washington Love Songs and Sonnets edited by Peter Washington Love Speaks Its Name by J. D. McClatchy Lullabies and Poems for Children edited by Diana Secker Larson Marriage Poems edited by John Hollander Marvell: Poems by Andrew Marvell Milton: Poems by John Milton Motherhood edited by Carmela Ciuraru On Wings of Song by J. D. McClatchy Persian Poets edited by Peter Washington Plath: Poems by Sylvia Plath Poe: Poems by Edgar Allen Poe Poems Bewitched and Haunted edited by John Hollander Poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson Poems by Robert Burns Poems of Mourning edited by Peter Washington Poems of New York edited by Elizabeth Schmidt Poems of Sleep and Dreams edited by Peter Washington Poems of the American West edited by Robert Mezey Poems of the Sea by J. D. McClatchy Prayers edited by Peter Washington Rilke: Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke Rimbaud: Poems by Arthur Rimbaud The Roman Poets edited by Peter Washington Rossetti: Poems by Christina Rossetti Shakespeare: Poems by William Shakespeart Shelley: Poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley Solitude edited by Carmela Ciuraru Sonnets edited by John Hollander Stevens: Poems by Wallace Stevens Tennyson: Poems by Lord Alfred Tennyson War Poems edited by Peter Washington Whitman: Poems by Walt Whitman Wordsworth: Poems by William Wordsworth Zen Poems edited by Peter Harris Everyman’s Library continues to maintain its original commitment to publishing the most significant world literature in editions that reflect a tradition of fine bookmaking. Everyman’s Library pursues the highest standards, utilizing modern prepress, printing, and binding technologies to produce classically designed books printed on acid-free natural-cream-colored text paper and including Smyth-sewn, signatures, full-cloth cases with two-color case stamping, decorative endpapers, silk ribbon markers, and European-style half-round spines.

Icons of Horror and the Supernatural

Icons of Horror and the Supernatural Author : S. T. Joshi
Release : 2007
Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN : 9780313337819
File Size : 59.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Offers entries on 24 of the significant archetypes of horror and the supernatural, from the classical epics of Homer to the novels of Stephen King.

The Day of the Mermaid and Other Poems

The Day of the Mermaid and Other Poems Author : Michael Healy
Release : 2012-09-06
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1477139141
File Size : 50.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An early spring morning . . . a young man fi shing in a rock-pool at the edge of the sea and exulting in his catch . . . a voice calling suddenly to him . . . the voice of a young woman who is slowly walking out from the waves . . . I beg you, let it free again. Th is is the setting for Th e Day of the Mermaid, a story of the awakened love of that young man for the maiden who appears before him, recounted when he is old and looking back upon the day when his heart was forever captured and forever broken a lyrical and romantic tale in gentle, sensitive and poignant verse: Why are you thus so sad? said I. Why do you grieve for such a thing? Is not the ocean full with fi sh? Is one worth so much sorrowing? Th en, from her lips, there came a sigh, And, in her voice, I heard the sea: Yes, even one is dear to me.

The Poems

The Poems Author : William Shakespeare
Release : 2006-06-01
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 0521671620
File Size : 58.59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An updated edition of Shakespeare's poems, including discussion of criticism and a reading list.

I Just Took a DNA Test

I Just Took a DNA Test Author : Hazle Willow
Release : 2019-10-31
Publisher : Infinityou
ISBN : 9783749771950
File Size : 23.98 MB
Format : PDF
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Did you take the DNA Test? Are You 100% Witch? If so you certainly do know all the answers to the following questions, right? What is the true meaning of witch? What is the mark of a witch? What is the purpose of a witch? How can you identify a witch? What type of witches are there? Well if you know about the answers then you definitely qualify for the 100% Witch league and this journal is missing in your collection of wicked books. It also makes a great holiday gift for anyone who loves this type of stuff and who you care about like family, or just for your colleague, pal, or study budy. If you write every day which is suggested for best results, this journal gives you 4 months full of journaling space. A Witch can write in this journal about: - Personal or Professional Experiences - Stories, Poems, Quotes - Prayer - Gratitude - Devotion - To Do Lists - Priorities, Goals, Tasks - Bible Verses - Mindfulness Exercices like Meditation Mantras - Mind & Body Activities like Yoga, Fitness, Dieting, etc. - Interests and Hobbies How To Knowledge & Secrets - Finance, Relationship, Love & Attraction, Health Advice - Notes - More If you are just looking for a thoughtful gift for a 100% witch friend or family member here are some basic facts you should know about this great personality. It certainly can't hurt to check out these facts so that you can present your gift in a meaningful way because knowing some basic facts shows that you care and value his or her witchery and want to offer them the best gift that someone can give to a friend, child (daughter, son), or spouse (wife, husband) so that they will worship you even more as a friend, father/mother, or husband/wife. Witchcraft Facts: Witchcraft (or witchery) is the practice of magical skills and abilities. Witchcraft is a broad term that varies culturally and societally, and thus can be difficult to define with precision; Historically, and currently in most traditional cultures worldwide - notably in Africa, the African diaspora, and Indigenous communities - the term is commonly associated with those who use metaphysical means to cause harm to the innocent. Belief in witchcraft is often present within societies and groups whose cultural framework includes a magical world view. Journal Features: 120 Pages of Daily Writing Journal paper Makes a great gift idea for any witch 8.5"x11" Inches Dimension Cover: Soft, Glossy Binding: Perfect binding, non-spiral Heavy Paper

Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble: Magical Poems Chosen by Paul Cookson

Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble: Magical Poems Chosen by Paul Cookson Author : Paul Cookson
Release : 2020-09-17
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN : 1472958136
File Size : 55.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 864
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Can you hear the distant dragon's rumble of thunder? And smell the sweet swampy aroma of the ogre? Can you taste the tangy tarantula tarts? And see the girl who's really a wizard? From magic carpets and wands to unicorns, potions, creams and lotions, Paul Cookson's brewing a spell of fantastically magic poems. On this tattered magic carpet You can choose your destination For nothing's quite as magical As your imagination Beautifully illustrated by Eilidh Muldoon, this enchanting anthology brings together work from a range of classic, established and rising poets. Whether you're in the mood for a haunting or a spell gone wrong, this collection of mesmerising poems will have you bewitched from beginning to end! Poets include: William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Benjamin Zephaniah, John Agard, Valerie Bloom, Matt Goodfellow, Joshua Seigal and A.F. Harrold. Book Band: Dark Blue Ideal for ages 9+

The Poem Itself

The Poem Itself Author : Stanley Burnshaw
Release : 2015-09-24
Publisher : University of Arkansas Press
ISBN : 9781610753081
File Size : 40.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Available again for a new generation, this classic work contains over 150 of the greatest modern French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian poems presented in the original languages and brilliantly illuminated by English commentaries.

Just A Girl Who Loves Halloween

Just A Girl Who Loves Halloween Author : Willow Bewitched
Release : 2019-10-24
Publisher : Infinityou
ISBN : 9783749773046
File Size : 80.14 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Is Your Bestie A Basic Witch & Loves Cats? Then this Just A Girl Who Loves Halloween journal makes a great gift for your bff with a kitty cat or kitten. Better yet get one for yourself as well so that you can write as a duo and double the witchery fun. If your friend writes every day which is suggested for best results, this journal provides 4 months full of journaling space. This paperback journaling notebook is 8.5" x 11". Features: 120 Pages of Daily Writing Makes a great gift idea for any basic witch 8.5"x11" Inches Dimension Cover: Soft, Matte Binding: Perfect binding, non-spiral Heavy Paper

Poetry Ireland

Poetry Ireland Author : David Marcus
Release : 1948
Publisher :
File Size : 27.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Down-adown-derry Author : Walter De la Mare
Release : 1902
Publisher : Library of Alexandria
ISBN : 1465525696
File Size : 21.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Doors to Paradise

Doors to Paradise Author : Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur
Release : 2013-09-19
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1491707178
File Size : 37.50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 424
Read : 805

Doors to Paradise: Poems for the Soul is Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur’s fourth book of poetry, and it follows his previously published trilogy on love. His poems are an invitation for our souls to discover what lies behind each door we encounter in life. The author experienced intense joy, peace, and freedom as he wrote these poems—emotions he hopes to share with all. The poems in this collection are arranged in chronological order and written in various rhyming styles. The poems were created as spontaneous outbursts of the soul, and in the reading of them, the author hopes that the reader’s heart will similarly open and receive the emotions they convey. Like doorways into the author’s soul, Doors to Paradise: Poems for the Soul reflects the peace and contentment in his life now. The Muse Forever poised on the brink of a poem, patiently waiting for the Muse to rise or fall from the skies, the poet’s eye looks out onto the fields of paradise left vacant of her presence. He looks for her in his heart and sees that she indeed is the one thing he needs and wants; a window is flung open, a door beckons, the house of the soul welcomes him home ...

The Theatre of Brian Friel

The Theatre of Brian Friel Author : Christopher Murray
Release : 2014-04-24
Publisher : A&C Black
ISBN : 1408154501
File Size : 43.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Brian Friel is Ireland's foremost living playwright, whose work spans fifty years and has won numerous awards, including three Tonys and a Lifetime Achievement Arts Award. Author of twenty-five plays, and whose work is studied at GCSE and A level (UK), and the Leaving Certificate (Ire), besides at undergraduate level, he is regarded as a classic in contemporary drama studies. Christopher Murray offers the definitive guide to Friel's work; both a detailed study of individual plays and an exploration of Friel's dual commitment to tradition and modernity across his oeuvre. Beginning with Friel's 1964 work Philadelphia, Here I Come! it follows a broadly chronological route through the principle plays, including Aristocrats, Faith Healer, Translations, Dancing at Lughnasa, Molly Sweeney and The Home Place. Along the way it considers themes of exile, politics, fathers and sons, belief and ritual, history, memory, gender inequality, and loss, all set against the dialectic of tradition and modernity.

Poetry Criticism

Poetry Criticism Author : Elisabeth Gellert
Release : 2001-12
Publisher : Gale / Cengage Learning
ISBN : 9780787652210
File Size : 42.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 205
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Annotation Each volume provides substantive critical essays and biographical information on four to eight major poets from all eras. A cumulative title index to the entire series is published separately (included in subscription).

The Holiness of the Real

The Holiness of the Real Author : Donald Gutierrez
Release : 1996
Publisher :
File Size : 43.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The title of the book, "The Holiness of the Real," is a key phrase from "Time Is the Mercy of Eternity," one of Rexroth's finest nature-meditation poems. The phrase underscores the essence of Rexroth's work at its best - his capacity to meditate on, celebrate, and articulate love, nature, and political experience with a unique numinosity. Reading his work, one comes to realize that what is real or authentic, rather than being marginal or preternatural, is everyday and "normal," but "normal" in the visionary sense in which the diurnal and customary are perceived by someone who has undergone a revelation or "shock of recognition." What Rexroth's most accomplished verse and poetry convey is this recognition of how profound, stirring, and contenting the fundamental rounds of life and experience can be, despite living in what Raymond Aron has termed the "century of total war." The book is divided into six chapters. The first, following a preface, is a general introduction to Rexroth, covering his career and cultural position in American society, his prosody, influences on his verse, theorizing on his poetics, and speculation about why he has been ignored by the literary canon makers in academe and elsewhere. The next four chapters deal with large and basic subject categories in Rexroth's verse: nature, political, love, and love-nature verse. The final chapter provides an overview of Rexroth as a literary and social critic-journalist, amplifying the sense of his scope as an intellect and personality. A brief conclusion follows.

GHOST STORIES OF ST ANDREWS - 17 Scottish Ghostly Tales

GHOST STORIES OF ST ANDREWS - 17 Scottish Ghostly Tales Author : Anon E. Mouse
Release : 2018-10-01
Publisher : Abela Publishing Ltd
ISBN : 8827562885
File Size : 54.40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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St Andrews is renowned for its ecclesiastical ruins, ancient university and proud distinction as ‘the home of golf’. Some say the town deserves far more recognition for its paranormal activity and links. In 1911, W.T. Linskill penned the original edition of St Andrews Ghost Stories, of which this is the 4th edition printed in 1921. In this edition he recounts 17 spine-tingling, ghostly stories associated with the historic town in Fife, Scotland. Most seem to have a religious connection to the Cathedral ruins with the ghosts of Priors , Monks, Veiled Nuns and screaming skulls. In addition to an introductory poem, titled Ghosts and Phantoms, in this volume you will find the stories of: The Beckoning Monk The Hauntings And Mysteries Of Lausdree Castle A Haunted Manor House And The Duel At St Andrews The Apparition Of The Prior Of Pittenweem A True Tale Of The Phantom Coach The Veiled Nun Of St Leonards The Monk Of St Rule’s Tower Related By Captain Chester The Screaming Skull Of Greyfriars The Spectre Of The Castle The Smothered Piper Of The West Cliffs The Beautiful White Lady Of The Haunted Tower Concerning More Appearances Of The White Lady A Spiritualistic Seance The Apparition Of Sir Rodger De Wanklyn The Bewitched Ermentrude A Very Peculiar House The stories of the “White Lady”, first in her haunted tower, and other sightings around St. Andrews are of particular interest. Does the White Lady still haunt St Andrews; when was the last sighting of her? Well you will simply have to visit St Andrews and find out for yourself. If you do visit, be sure to tale the St Andrews Ghost Tour. We would also like to know if the story of “The Apparition Of Sir Rodger De Wanklyn” was the inspiration for “Nearly Headless Nick”, played by John Cleese, in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter films. Who knows? This maybe a connection that the author wishes to remain a secret. Oh, and while you’re in Scotland, be sure to visit Nether Lochaber. Why you ask? If you do make it to Nether Lochaber, go to the Fairy Hill, for it is said you may hear the music of fairies with your own ears. But you must go on a fine day…… YESTERDAY'S BOOKS FOR TODAY'S CHARITIES 10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities ---------------------------- KEYWORDS/TAGS: fairy tales, folklore, myths, legends, children’s stories, children’s stories, bygone era, Linskill, St Andrews Ghost Stories, ghosts, gouls, 17 stories, spine-tingling, hair raising, Beckoning Monk, Haunting, Mystery, Lausdree Castle, Haunted Manor House, Duel At St Andrews, Apparition, Prior Of Pittenweem, Phantom Coach, Veiled Nun, St Leonards, Monk, St Rule’s Tower, Captain Chester, Screaming Skull, Greyfriars, Spectre, Castle, Smothered Piper, West Cliffs, Beautiful White Lady, Haunted Tower, Spiritualistic, Séance, Sir Rodger De Wanklyn, Bewitched Ermentrude, Peculiar House, Harry potter, J K Rowling, Nether Lochaber, Fairy Hill, music, cold,