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Murders Unsolved Vol. 2

Murders Unsolved Vol. 2 Author : Mike Riley
Release : 2015-03-17
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780692401118
File Size : 43.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Murders Unsolved Vol. 2: More Cases That Have Baffled The Authorities For Years is a continuation of the Murders, Mayhem and Scandals Series, contains famous unsolved murders from history to today. Each case tells the story of the murder including the victim's backstory, the circumstances of their death, the investigation, any suspects and the current status of the case. From Al Swearengen, the deadly bar owner from the town of Deadwood (the site of many famous scandals) who ended up dying in unusual circumstances, to Evelyn Hartley who disappeared while babysitting and from Barbara and Patricia Grimes who disappeared together and were found dead together to the Walker Family who were all slaughtered for still unknown reasons. These famous true crimes remain unsolved and in some cases, still open on the police books. All cases are true and still unsolved. They include: Al Swearengen: Vicious Deadwood Bar Owner The Moore Family: The Villisca Axe Murder Victims Julia Wallace: A Husband's Plot? Lilly Lindestrom: A Vampire Murder Georgette Bauerdorf: The Hostess and the Soldier Evelyn Hartley: The Homecoming Babysitter The Grimes Sisters: Two Lives Cut Short Lynn Harper: Still Waiting For Justice The Walker Family: An Evil Obsession? And MANY more! These stories will shock and surprise you and feed your curiosity. Who did it and why? How were they never caught? All questions you will be asking yourself as you read through each famous true crime.

The World of Lore, Volume 2: Wicked Mortals

The World of Lore, Volume 2: Wicked Mortals Author : Aaron Mahnke
Release : 2018-05-29
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 147225161X
File Size : 52.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A chilling, lavishly illustrated who's-who of the most despicable people ever to walk the earth, featuring both rare and best-loved stories from the hit podcast Lore, now an online streaming series. Here are the incredible true stories of some of the mortals who achieved notoriety in history and folklore through horrible means. Monsters of this sort - serial killers, desperate criminals, and socially mobile people with a much darker double-life - are, in fact, quite real . . . including H. H. Holmes, the infamous Chicago serial killer; William Brodie, the Edinburgh criminal mastermind who inspired The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; and Bela Kiss, a Hungarian tinsmith with a most disturbing hobby: collecting women in gasoline drums. As Aaron Mahnke reminds us, sometimes the truth is even more frightening than the lore.

Mid-Atlantic Murder Mysteries, Volume 2: Kinky Killers

Mid-Atlantic Murder Mysteries, Volume 2: Kinky Killers Author : Krist Boardman
Release : 2013-05-28
Publisher : America Star Books
ISBN : 1630002755
File Size : 27.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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“All True Stories—from Police and Court Records Inside: Killer wanted to marry the corpse! – Pot smoker was a knife freak—Killed his own mother with a pickaxe—Preyed on young black women—Rosemary’s rosaries—Mad murderess slept in victim’s blood—And much more!” A ringing endorsement from one of America’s Top True Crime Editors: Krist Boardman is “one of the very best detective writers. He does a lot of detective-like work himself for an article… He’s got the formula down and he really knows the knack of adding a measure of suspense to the story.” Art Crockett, late editor-in-chief of The Official Detective Group of magazines, Harford County Sun.


Release : 2013-01-01
Publisher :
ISBN : 1300259337
File Size : 78.91 MB
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Defense Attorney Ted Johnson takes us on a graphic journey behind the scenes of some of the toughest cases, trials and characters you could imagine

WHEN CARS BURNED GAS - the Series Volume 2 - the First 100 Days of the Obama Presidency; Revolution of Hope - January 2009

WHEN CARS BURNED GAS - the Series Volume 2 - the First 100 Days of the Obama Presidency; Revolution of Hope - January 2009 Author : David J. Forgione
Release : 2010-08-26
Publisher :
ISBN : 0557636361
File Size : 20.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This second volume in this series - is a story about what was happening in the U.S. and the world during Obama's first 100 days as the President of the United States. This is a "cliff notes" version of the multitude of events which took place during these 100 days.

American Murder

American Murder Author : Gini Graham Scott
Release : 2007
Publisher : Praeger Publishers
File Size : 34.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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America has long had the reputation as the most violent and murderous of modern industralized nations. Even while violent crime has dropped in recent years, our murder rate is still incredibly high. Since the beginning of the 20th century, our society has undergone profound changes, and our technologies have advanced, but the motives and methods for murder and escaping the long arm of the law have kept pace, often capitalizing on availble technologies. In addition, as the century progressed, the media would become an integral part of murder in America, helping investigations, glamorizing murder, and bringing it into our homes on a daily basis. Here, Scott examines the changing face of murder in the context of societal changes, and traces the advances in investigative techniques and technologies. Each chapter offers vivid accounts of the most notorious and representative murders for each time period, focusing especially on those murderers who have had the edge on their pursuers, even escaping detection to this day. Beginning at the turn of the century, Scott details one of the most notorious cases of the day, in which a jealous lover poisons the wife of her lover. The book ends with the still-unsolved Tupac Shakur murder case. Taking readers through the various developments in methods of murder, and the techniques used to capture the criminals, Scott provides a fascinating overview of the way murder has changed through the decades and how law enforcement has kept pace. This insightful book sheds light on both our fascination with murder and on murderers and their nemeses over the last one hundred years.

The State of the American Mind: Stupor and Pathetic Docility Volume Ii

The State of the American Mind: Stupor and Pathetic Docility Volume Ii Author : Amechi Okolo
Release : 2010-06-11
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1477179739
File Size : 69.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book, The State of the American Mind: Stupor and Pathetic Docility Volume One begins to unravel some of the most obvious, perplexing, embarrassing and enduring problems and contradictions of American history and sociology, viz., how could the American revolution that started with the most ringing and most inspiring Declarations of human equality in world history end up establishing the most vicious, exploitative society the world ever knew Black chattel slavery and only ten percent white enfranchisement, etc. Further, how could men of such great wisdom and intellect like George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and others who were Enlightenment scholars and clearly knew that slavery was despicable and evil, because they had variously experienced white servitude and slavery themselves, collude to establish and institutionalize the horrible system of Negro chattel slavery in America; and also disenfranchised over 90 percent of people of their own race actions that racism could not explain. The structural/institutional slavery system they established, and the resultant consequent racism hobbles America today as it did in the past, and forced Eric Holder, the Attorney General to declare that, America is a nation of cowards, when it comes to race discussions. Thus, this book starts with serious critical discussions of race in America and reveals what no textbook has ever done, viz., that most early American whites and Blacks were slaves an uncomfortable fact that would shock most Americans because it contradicts the orthodoxy or the dominant narrative that only Blacks were brought here in chains. Further, the book also shows the year Black slavery started something almost, all textbooks got wrong. It also shows who, was the fi rst Black slave in America something no textbook ever mentions. It also shows when and how racism started in America and many other very sensitive and embarrassing but necessary issues that America avoids but must be frankly discussed for America to move forward. This book therefore shatters the two dominant themes of Americas history and sociology that Blacks were brought into America in chains as slaves while whites came to America in search of freedom, as Harvard educated President Obama famously told us in his race speech. Thus, the crowning lesson of this book, in addition to discussing some critical policy issues like education, health care, etc., is that it discovers the centripetal force of the American society that eluded contemporary Americans because American bosses have laboriously concealed the facts from the public the scary but clearly healthy uniting fact that most Americans are united by their common ancestry, their universal history and experience of servitude, bond-indentures and slavery. Nothing is more universal, more common and more shared in American history and sociology than the fact that most of our ancestors, black and white, were servants, bond-indentures and slaves who were dominated and super-exploited by few overlords. Colonial America was the preferred dumping ground for British, outcasts, rejects, criminals, masterless class, vagabonds, bond-indentures, slaves, etc., until 1776 when Australia replaced America as the British dump for its rejects and surplus citizens. Thus, that America was a nation founded by British rejects and losers is inherently more rational than the prevailing orthodoxy or the Obama theory of Americas founders that they were great honorable men who journeyed across the ocean for freedom because of the obvious reason that good, powerful achieving citizens do not normally emigrate to new uncharted lands.

Reader's Digest True Crimes vol 2

Reader's Digest True Crimes vol 2 Author : Reader's Digest
Release : 2020-06-02
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1621454959
File Size : 56.35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 537
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In the same vein as the first book in the series, True Crime, Volume 2, includes more than two dozen gripping tales of murder, kidnapping, robbery, and much more from the Reader’s Digest archives. For more than 90 years, Reader’s Digest has been telling the amazing true stories of real-life thrillers, unsolved mysteries, and tales of cold-blooded murder—and of the regular folks caught up in these harrowing situations. Now we’ve pulled together a collection of more than two dozen of these gripping narratives, including: The tale of the bank heist pulled off by a gang of old geezers The bizarre story of Robert Durst, a real-estate heir accused of three grisly murders The case of the 1849 murder at Harvard involving a professor The harrowing account of parents who saved their daughter from a serial killer The history of the original Ponzi scheme The stories in True Crime, Volume 2, are for crime aficionados and novices alike, tantalizing enough to hold your attention yet brisk enough to be your best beach or book club read. Enjoy the ride with a carjacker, a wife killer, and modern-day pirates living on borrowed time. (Enjoy even more how they get their just deserts.)

The Mike Hammer Collection

The Mike Hammer Collection Author : Mickey Spillane
Release : 2001-09-01
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 9781440674112
File Size : 35.52 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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“There's a kind of power about Mickey Spillane that no other writer can imitate.”—The New York Times With his trend-setting Mike Hammer detective novels, Mickey Spillane shot to superstardom as one of the most notorious bestselling sensations in publishing history. This powerhouse collection includes three of the master's long-out-of-print greatest novels—together for the first time in one explosive volume: The Big Kill One Lonely Night Kiss Me, Deadly Includes a special introduction by Shamus and Edgar Award-winner Lawrence Block

True Crime

True Crime Author : Harmony Hill
Release : 2020-09-12
Publisher : Independently Published
File Size : 67.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 402
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For a long time, serial killers have walked the avenues and driven the thru our neighborhoods in every one of the four corners of the world. These psychopaths are of the most debased, cruel, and frightening killers from all over the world, now you can delve deeper into the minds of the most deranged serial killers of all time, put together in one goliath book. From Jeffrey Dahmer to the Zodiac Killer, this book contains files on the order of every killer, the foundation, casualties, murdering, capture, and the most exceedingly awful executioners that have threatened the world. Dates are incorporated, for example, when they began murdering, their capture, and execution dates where important. This book is not for the faint of heart, if you wish to go deeper into the minds of those who slaughter and kill with no remorse, let us learn together what makes them do what they do. All names, dates and victims are true and nothing has been changed.

Murder, Manslaughter, and Mayhem on the SouthCoast, Volume Two

Murder, Manslaughter, and Mayhem on the SouthCoast, Volume Two Author : John Cummings
Release : 2018-01-25
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 9781984130273
File Size : 52.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 147
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Murder does not discriminate. Victims and killers come from all races, nationalities, genders, and age groups. Many used or sold drugs. Some killers were just "bad" people who did not regret their actions and had no qualms about how they slew their victims. There were cult murders and unsolved roadside killings of young women believed to be prostitutes. Some of these murderers were released to kill additional innocent victims. The murderers in these pages used guns, knives, axes, fists, fire, rope, and other tools-including their hands-to commit their dastardly deeds. Fathers killed their children, husbands and wives killed each other, and children murdered their parents. Police officers were killed in cold blood while doing their jobs. Murders were committed in the suburbs and the city-Such is Murder, Manslaughter, and Mayhem on the SouthCoast, Volume Two.

Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.1 No.2 “Partners in Pain”

Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.1 No.2 “Partners in Pain” Author : Cathy Scott
Release : 2014-08-13
Publisher : Grinning Man Press
ISBN : 0993823203
File Size : 45.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 510
Read : 286

Triple feature edition! Issue #2 of Serial Killer Quarterly, "Partners in Pain" recounts the gruesome tales of 15 serial murderers operating in 7 different teams from 19th century Scotland to 21st century Santa Monica. Bestselling author Cathy Scott guides the reader through the fog choked alleyways of Edinburgh where Irishmen William Burke and William Hare fatally suffocated up to 25 people in 1828. Our second feature by Dr. Katherine Ramsland focuses on Houston's wicked "Candy Man" Dean Corll - one of the most sadistic murderers in 20th century criminal history. Feature number three takes us back to the United Kingdom as Carol Anne Davis explores whether both John Duffy and David Mulcahy were truly the "Railway Killers". Kim Cresswell relays the perverse folie a deux of Doug Clark and Carol Bundy whose rampage began in 1980 on LA's sunset strip. Robert Hoshowsky and Curtis Yateman write of confinement and torture in their pieces on Leonard Lake and Charles Ng and "Ken and Barbie Killers" Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. Lastly, Aaron Elliott takes a look at a rare female-female serial killer duo, LA's Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt, who drugged and ran over two men with their car in order to collect on their life insurance policies. Also includes, Anthony Servante's analysis of poems by the Zodiac Killer, Joseph Kallinger, and Israel Keyes, and a review of the film 'Natural Born Killers'.

2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, Volume II

2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, Volume II Author : RJ Parker
Release : 2014-12-15
ISBN : 1500505161
File Size : 89.3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 626
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This is the second volume of the bestselling annual, Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, a collection of some of the best true crime writing on serial killers over the year. Several of these authors who appeared in Volume 1 of the Anthology, return this year to Volume 2 with new stories. 2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology Volume 2: Peter Vronsky in the chilling story "Zebra! The Hunting Humans 'Ninja' Truck Driver Serial Killer" describes the carnage perpetrated in 2007 by Adam Leroy Lane, a long haul truck driving serial killer who after repeatedly watching in his truck cab a serial killer DVD movie he was obsessed with, forayed out in the night from Interstate highway truck-stops dressed in Ninja black to re-enact the movie scenes by killing and mutilating unsuspecting women in their homes until he was captured by a fifteen-year old girl and her parents when he attempted to kill her as she slept in her bedroom.RJ Parker in "Demons" introduces us to the little known story of Canada's serial killer Michael Wayne McGray who murdered men, women and children indiscriminately and whom even prison could not stop from continuing his killing. In the "Grim Sleeper" Parker describes the brutal crimes of Lonnie Franklin, Jr. who over a 23-year killing career, took a fourteen-year hiatus (thus his nickname) before resuming his murders of women in Los Angeles.Katherine Ramsland in "The Babysitter" brings us up to date on the still unsolved horrific1976 mutilation child murders in Detroit that inspired Bill Connington's one-man Broadway play and Joyce Carol Oates 1995 novella Zombie. In "Really! The Other Guy Did It." Ramsland explores the bizarre case of serial killer Douglas Perry who after killing several women underwent a transsexual change into a woman, Donna Perry, who when apprehended, claimed the murders were perpetrated by his former male self who no longer existed. Ramsland asks, "Is guilt in the body or the soul?" Michael Newton in "Bad Medicine" and "Angel of Death" describes two serial killers where we least expect them: health care workers. Physician Dr. Harold Shipman who murdered 250 victims in Britain and might be history's most prolific serial killer, and the smiling mild mannered Ohio medical orderly 'Angel of Death' Donald Harvey, who confessed to murdering 87 helpless patients, stating, "So I played God."Sylvia Perrini, Britain's true crime chronicler of female serial killers in "The House of Horrors" revisits the notorious case of Rosemary West who teamed up with her husband Fred in the rape, torture and murder of ten young women in their rooming house, including her own daughter. In "The Mum Who Killed for Kicks" Perrini looks at the recent case of Joanne Dennehy, a mother of a thirteen-year old who inexplicably went on a thrill kill serial killing spree in which she tortured and murdered three men with a knife and attempted to kill two others.Kelly Banaski, a newcomer to true crime writing, brings us "Stripped of his medals and female panties", the strange case of a Canadian air force base commander, a colonel who piloted senior government officials and even the Queen of England, who suddenly began to commit a series of panty fetish burglaries that eventually escalated to horrific rape-torture murders of women. Enjoy and be horrified!!

The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits Volume 2

The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits Volume 2 Author : Mike Ashley
Release : 2015-02-27
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 1472117077
File Size : 70.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 692
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An all-new collection of exciting murder-mysteries with historical settings This new volume of historical murder and mystery contains over 20 specially commissioned stories ranging in period from Ancient Rome to the reign of Good Queen Bess. It features original stories from such masters as Steven Saylor, Peter Tremayne, Philip Gooden, Susanna Gregory, Kate Ellis, Michael Jecks, Edward D. Hoch and Marilyn Todd. · In Steven Saylor’s Roman tale, Poppy and the Poisoned Cake, Gordianus the Finder feels his latest assignment is suspiciously easy to solve. · Edward D. Hoch puts a novel twist on the locked-room mystery by setting it on a “locked ship” — Christopher Columbus’s, in fact! · In Flibbertigibbet Paul Finch unleashes a deranged serial killer on Elizabethan London. · Falstaff ’s successor Sir Johan de Mandeville turns sleuth in Keith Taylor’s Bene?t of Clergy. · Sister Fidelma must solve the mystery of a murdered Celtic monk in Death of an Icon by Peter Tremayne. · A pig provides the key to Michael Jecks’s latest Sir Baldwin mystery.- · Cherith Baldry turns Geoffrey Chaucer into a secret agent in her version of The Pilgrim’s Tale. · Anarchy and murderous intent rule when the Romans leave the British Isles in Richard Butler’s The Last Legion. . . . plus many more tales of dark age murder and mayhem!

Scary Mystery Of The Wonnangatta Murders

Scary Mystery Of The Wonnangatta Murders Author : Christopher Milne
Release : 1998
Publisher : Christopher Milne
ISBN : 9780646315942
File Size : 51.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 845
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A scary story. A sequel to the extremely popular and scary mystery, The Naughty Nine And The Mystery Of Benito's Treasure. As is the case with the previous book, the Wonnangatta Murders remain unsolved to this day. Christopher Milne is also the author of the phenomenally successful collections of short stories, Naughty Stories For Good Boys And Girls which won THE YOUNG AUSTRALIANS BEST BOOK AWARD

Litvinenko Murder Case Solved

Litvinenko Murder Case Solved Author : William Dunkerley
Release : 2015-05-27
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780990452911
File Size : 56.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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KGB Spy Murder Solved: A notorious 2006 Russian spy murder has finally been solved. "Ex-KGB Spy Murdered on Orders of Putin" was a typical headline back in the day. Alexander Litvinenko died of nuclear poisoning ordered by Russian president Vladimir Putin, news stories alleged. Now there's finally a solution to this puzzling and long-unsolved case. Author William Dunkerley's groundbreaking research uncovered a surprising mystery inside the mystery. It led straight to the only reasonable conclusion. His new book, "Litvinenko Murder Case Solved," spells it all out in clear and authoritative terms. Dunkerley has been dubbed the world's foremost authority on how this case has been covered in the news. He was called into the case by the International Federation of Journalists in 2007. His charge was to conduct extensive research into all the Litvinenko media reports. Dunkerley claims that many of the news reports about Litvinenko don't match the facts. "While news reports proclaimed a murder, no coroner ever ruled the death a homicide. Millions were spent on an inquest, but the mystery still went unsolved," he says. What's more, Dunkerley explains, a widely-reported deathbed accusation against Putin has since been proven a hoax. The hoaxer even confessed. What could account for these and other discrepancies? Dunkerley begins with general background on the case. Then he presents a riveting analysis of all the ins and outs that led to solving the case. An extensive collection of live reports offers rare insights into all the key developments right from the start of the Coroner's Inquest.

The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crimes

The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crimes Author : Roger Wilkes
Release : 2011-09-01
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 1780333730
File Size : 69.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 267
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The biggest and best collection of unsolved murder and mystery cases - updated and expanded. This compelling volume presents thirty-five of the most intriguing crime cases that still defy solution, as reported by leading authors and journalists in the field of crime writing. Expanded and updated, this new edition includes the mystery of 'Jack the Stripper' who preyed on prostitutes in Hammersmith in the 1960s, the death of Starr Faithful whose young body was found on Long Island, the vicious murder of Oxford nurse Janet Brown in her own home in 1995, and the case of Lizzie Borden who, according to the rhyme, 'took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks'. Other cases include: Colin Wilson and the 'Zodiac' killer of California; Russell Miller and the obsession with the Black Dahlia; Rebecca West on the killing of Stanley Setty, and the man who contracted out of humanity; Brian Masters on the killing of Rachel Nickell; Kenneth Alsop on who shot 'Jake' Lingle, and his connection with Al Capone; Philip Sugden on that most famous Victorian enigma, Jack the Ripper; Sydney Horley on the woman who was cleared of killing her husband, and went on to become a Broadway star. Nearly all the cases involve one or more acts of murder, and all are left with a question mark hanging over them with real-life whodunits that offer a continuing challenge to all who find fascination in the criminal mind.

Wonderful West Virginia

Wonderful West Virginia Author :
Release : 1999
Publisher :
File Size : 62.57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bailey Amer Pageant Vol 2 5ey

Bailey Amer Pageant Vol 2 5ey Author : Bailey
Release : 1975
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780669929409
File Size : 82.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 171
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