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Meditation Author : Deane H. Shapiro (Jr.)
Release : 1984
Publisher : AldineTransaction
ISBN : 9781412849951
File Size : 31.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Many claim that meditation is effective in the treatment of many ailments associated with stress and high blood pressure, and in the management of pain. While there are many popular books on meditation, few embrace the science as well as the art of meditation. In this volume, Shapiro and Walsh fill this need by assembling a complete collection of scholarly articles--Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives. From an academic rather than a popular vantage, the volume takes the claims and counterclaims about meditation to a deeper analytical level by including studies from clinical psychology and psychiatry, neuroscience, psychophysiology, and biochemistry. Each selection is a contribution to the field, either as a classic of research, or by being methodologically elegant, heuristically interesting, or creative. Original articles cover such topics as the effects of meditation in the treatment of stress, hypertension, and addictions; the comparison of meditation with other self-regulation strategies; the adverse effects of meditation; and meditation-induced altered states of consciousness. Concluding with a major bibliography of related works, Meditation offers the reader a valuable overview of the state and possible future directions of meditation research. Today, in the popular media and elsewhere, debate continues: Is meditation an effective technique for spiritual and physical healing, or is it quackery? Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives weighs in on this debate by presenting what continues to be the most complete collection of scholarly articles ever amassed on the subject of meditation.

Meditation in Christianity

Meditation in Christianity Author : Swami Rama
Release : 1983
Publisher : Himalayan Institute Press
ISBN : 9780893890858
File Size : 64.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A collection of essays providing seven insightful perspectives on meditation in Christianity.

Christian Meditation for Beginners

Christian Meditation for Beginners Author : Thomas Zanzig
Release : 1996
Publisher : Saint Mary's Press
ISBN : 0884893618
File Size : 75.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Minicourse appropriate for grades 9-12 During adolescence many young people awaken to the richness of the spiritual life. They find themselves drawn to not only reflect on but actually experience a deeper relationship with their God.Christian Meditation for Beginnersis designed for such young seekers. Participants in this course learn about the basic elements of meditation and practice the skills of meditation. Aided by a 48-page booklet included in the course material, the young people do simple daily exercises. Then, when they gather for the three group sessions, they expand their knowledge and explore together the fruits of their daily meditations.

Meditation For Dummies

Meditation For Dummies Author : Stephan Bodian
Release : 2011-03-03
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1118052870
File Size : 90.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The popular guide-over 80,000 copies sold of the first edition-now revised and enhanced with an audio CD of guided meditations According to Time magazine, over 15 million Americans now practice meditation regularly. It's a great way to reduce stress, increase energy, and enjoy better health. This fun and easy guide has long been a favorite with meditation newcomers. And now it's even better. For this new edition, author Stephan Bodian has added an audio CD with more than 70 minutes of guided meditations that are keyed to topics in the book, from tuning in to one's body, transforming suffering, and replacing negative patterns to grounding oneself, consulting the guru within, and finding a peaceful place. The book also discusses the latest research on the health benefits of meditation, along with new advice on how to get the most out of meditation in today's fast-paced world. Stephan Bodian (Fairfax, CA and Sedona, AZ) is a licensed psychotherapist and the former editor-in-chief of Yoga Journal. He has written for Fitness, Alternative Medicine, Cooking Light, and Tricycle and is the coauthor of Buddhism For Dummies (0-7645-5359-3).

Meditation in Modern Buddhism

Meditation in Modern Buddhism Author : Joanna Cook
Release : 2010-08-05
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 1139487841
File Size : 66.70 MB
Format : PDF
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In contemporary Thai Buddhism, the burgeoning popularity of vipassanā meditation is dramatically impacting the lives of those most closely involved with its practice: monks and mae chee (lay nuns) living in monastic communities. For them, meditation becomes a central focus of life and a way to transform the self. This ethnographic account of a thriving Northern Thai monastery examines meditation in detail, and explores the subjective signification of monastic duties and ascetic practices. Drawing on fieldwork done both as an analytical observer and as a full participant in the life of the monastery, Joanna Cook analyzes the motivation and experience of renouncers, and shows what effect meditative practices have on individuals and community organization. The particular focus on the status of mae chee - part lay, part monastic - provides a fresh insight into social relationships and gender hierarchy within the context of the monastery.

Meditation and Its Practices

Meditation and Its Practices Author : Swami Adiswarananda
Release : 2007
Publisher : SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN : 1594731055
File Size : 55.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Techniques explained by the masters--for today's spiritual seeker Meditation is designed to give you direct access to the spiritual. Whether it's through deep breathing during a busy day, listening to the quiet after turning off the car radio, chanting in prayer, or ten minutes of visualization exercises each morning, meditation takes many forms. But it is always a personal method of centering our spiritual self. Meditation has long been practiced in the Jewish community as a powerful tool to transcend words, personality, and ego and to directly experience the divine. Inspiring yet practical, this introduction to meditation from a Jewish perspective approaches it in a new and illuminating way: As it is personally practiced by today's most experienced Jewish meditators from around the world. A "how to" guide for both beginning and experienced meditators, Meditation from the Heart of Judaism will help you start meditating or help you enhance your practice. Meditation is a Jewish spiritual resource for today that can benefit people of all faiths and backgrounds--and help us add spiritual energy to our lives. Contributors include:

Inner Guide Meditation

Inner Guide Meditation Author : Edwin Steinbrecher
Release : 1987-11-01
Publisher : Weiser Books
ISBN : 9780877286578
File Size : 29.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Describes the transformational journey to enlightenment and awareness using the tarot, astrology, the Qabalah, the alchemy of transformation, and analytical psychology.

Foundation Stone Meditation

Foundation Stone Meditation Author : Sergei O. Prokofieff
Release : 2006
Publisher : Temple Lodge Publishing
ISBN : 9781902636825
File Size : 23.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Meditative reflection--strengthening thinking and feeling through the will--is one of the main methods of experiencing Anthroposophy. "The best path to this goal," says Prokofieff, "is inner work with the Foundation Stone Meditation, because this meditation is the quintessence of the whole of Anthroposophy, given in meditatively inspired form by means of earthly words." Rudolf Steiner described the substance of the "Foundation Stone Meditation" as spoken by him "out of the will of the spiritual world," and as "verses heard from the Cosmic Word." Owing to its spiritual and mantric form, the text of this meditation represents an archetype and is thus a key to the most diverse areas of world and human existence. Depending on "which spiritual portal is opened with this key," explains Prokofieff, "one arrives at one result or another, and one and the same line of the meditation becomes a reply to the most varied questions." The author applies this method in this work and, in the process, illuminates and opens up many dimensions of spiritual science. His research embraces, among other aspects, the relationship of the "Foundation Stone Meditation" to the being Anthroposophia, the spiritual hierarchies, human karma, the Rosicrucian, Michaelic and Grail streams, the Mystery of Golgotha, the two Jesus children, the three spiritual sources of Anthroposophy, and even the Constitution of the General Anthroposophical Society. C O N T E N T S Introductory Note 1. The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Being Anthroposophia 2. The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Cosmic Working of the Hierarchies 3. The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Inner World of the Hierarchies 4. The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Preparation of Anthroposophy in the Heavens 5. The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Forming of Human Karma 6. The Merging of the Rosicrucian and the Michaelic Stream in the Foundation Stone Meditation 7. The Christmas Conference and the Supersensible Mystery of Golgotha 8. The Christmas Conference as a Path into the Temple of the New Mysteries 9. The Foundation Stone Meditation in Eurythmy and the Mystery of the Two Jesus Boys 10. The Foundation Stone Meditation as Esoteric Wellspring of the Constitution of the Anthroposophical Society 11. The Preparation of Spiritual Communion in the Rosicrucian Stream and in the Grail Stream 12. The Three Spiritual Sources of Anthroposphy Addendum: The Three Forms of Communion and the Foundation Stone Meditation The Foundation Stone Meditation

Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism

Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism Author : Peter N. Gregory
Release : 1986
Publisher : University of Hawaii Press
ISBN : 9780824810887
File Size : 59.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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¿A veritable treasure trove.... Both demanding and tremendously rewarding.... The book is of high scholarly standard, but ... is clear, precise and a pleasure to read - and is certainly accessible to interested laymen. It cannot be recommended highly enough.¿ ¿The Middle Way, November 1993 ¿Each chapter in this volume is sophisticated, tightly argued, and well documented.... An important contribution to the literature on Buddhist meditation.¿ ¿Journal of Asian Studies 47 (1988)


Meditation Author : Deane H. Shapiro
Release : 1980-03
Publisher : Transaction Publishers
ISBN : 9780202251325
File Size : 72.46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Despite the increase in meditation studies, the quality remains variable; many of them are trivial, and most remain unreplicated. Research on meditation has been plagued by insubstantial theorizing, global claims, and the substitution of belief systems for grounded hypotheses. Meditation punctures some of the myths about meditation, while retaining a place of value for mediation as a normal human function. In each chapter includes discussion of the major questions addressed, followed by a detailed critique of important theoretical, clinical, and research issues. In several instances the reader may find that questions seem to beget questions: research bearing upon certain issues may be contradictory, or not yet of sufficient thoroughness. In these cases, the author suggests the specific future research necessary to resolve the questions posed, so that claims about meditation are justified, and which are not. The profession of psychology itself is, and has been, in a polarized debate between the "practitioners" and the "experimentalists." The latter accuse the former of being "soft, non-empirical, non-scientific," while practitioners accuse the experimentalists of conducting research which is essentially irrelevant to human concerns. This approach provides a bridge between research and clinical practice. Meditation provides an encompassing survey of the topic--nearly forty tables and figures; sample questionnaires, evaluations and programs and a detailed overview of a controversial field. Shapiro separates self-regulation with self-delusion, to outline questions and possible answers.

A Woman's Book of Meditation

A Woman's Book of Meditation Author : Hari Kaur Khalsa
Release : 2006
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 9781583332535
File Size : 35.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Outlines introductory Kundalini chanting and meditation techniques that can be used by women to find inner peace, promote wisdom, and develop creativity, and also explains how to address a woman's life changes and build a spiritual identity.

8 Minute Meditation Expanded

8 Minute Meditation Expanded Author : Victor Davich
Release : 2014-12-02
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 0698196635
File Size : 81.28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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New and expanded, the bestselling, innovative program that advanced the mindfulness revolution People are always looking for new ways to reduce stress, increase productivity, and lead more well-rounded, happier lives. Many have sought a solution in meditation. However, simple, clear instruction is often difficult to find, and most teachers and books make meditation seem like a chore—something you have to do for up to an hour each day. 8 Minute Meditation is the first program created to give beginners the exact tools they need to learn to meditate and do it in a time-frame that even the busiest people can easily handle: just 8 minutes a day. The new tenth anniversary edition of 8 Minute Meditation surveys the latest mindfulness developments. It also contains the complete, original 8 Minute Meditation program, one of the all-time best-selling mindfulness programs in history. Features include clear, supportive step-by-step instruction, FAQs, and “troubleshooting” your mindfulness practice. All in the time between two television commercials!

Psychology of Meditation

Psychology of Meditation Author : S.K. Kiran Kumar
Release : 2002
Publisher : Concept Publishing Company
ISBN : 9788170229322
File Size : 43.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Meditation and Piety in the Far East

Meditation and Piety in the Far East Author : Karl Ludvig Reichelt
Release : 2004
Publisher : James Clarke & Co.
ISBN : 9780227172353
File Size : 50.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The result of more than forty years of intimate contact with the 'religious elite' of the Far East, Dr. Reichelt's book is a study of a too-often remote and unknown world. For the western reader this study reveals the life of the East Asia religious communities, their sanctuaries, sacred writings and daily discipline. These non-Christian religions present a massive front of tradition and dogma, which so far the Christian faith has rarely penetrated. This engaging book is comprehensive in its scope. The author examines the meditation traditions of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Yoga in detail, drawing on his first-hand experiences. Karl Ludvig Reichelt was one of the few gifted interpreters of the East to the West, who knew the mind of the East Asia religions, and had the respect of their leaders.


Meditation Author : Sri Chinmoy
Release : 1978
Publisher : Aum Publications
ISBN : 9780884974444
File Size : 56.99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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One of the most authoritative and comprehensive books on the subject-a major resource. One prominent feature is this meditation master's simple and clear answers to 150 questions asked by seekers over the years.

The Practice of Tibetan Meditation

The Practice of Tibetan Meditation Author : Dagsay Tulku Rinpoche
Release : 2002-02
Publisher : Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
ISBN : 9780892819034
File Size : 36.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 99
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Including a 60-minute CD of mantras, this practical, step-by-step handbook to Tibetan meditation is written by a world-renowned Tibetan lama. 100 b&w illustrations. 8-page color insert.

Meditation, The Complete Guide

Meditation, The Complete Guide Author : Patricia Monaghan
Release : 1999
Publisher : New World Library
ISBN : 9781577313045
File Size : 50.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this revised edition of Maps to Ecstasy, Gabrielle Roth expands on the themes that have guided her - ways of transforming daily life into sacred art. Her work in teaching movement has been described as a marriage of art and healing. Each chapter initiates readers into one of the five sacred powers necessary for survival and reveals the five life cycles that lead to enlightenment. The creative process brings readers in touch with these five sacred powers by freeing the body to experience the power of being, expressing the heart to experience the power of loving, emptying the mind to experience the power of seeing, and embodying the spirit to experience the power of healing.

Just Being: A Pagan Guide to Meditation

Just Being: A Pagan Guide to Meditation Author : Shanddaramon
Release : 2009-07
Publisher : Ken Langer
ISBN : 0578026112
File Size : 75.79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This text looks at meditation from a Pagan perspective by incorporating an Earth-based theology and a practice based on the development of the whole self. It makes it possible for a complete novice to begin to learn the basic skills needed to become a skilled and effective meditator. The exercises described in the book begin very simply and then build to more complex and challenging practices allowing more experienced meditators to improve their technique as well. With careful practice, an open heart, and a commitment to improving the self, the practitioner can find that place between the divine and the day-to-day. Meditation from a Pagan perspective helps the practitioner to experience the true meaning of "as above, so below."

Gāyatrī, the Highest Meditation

Gāyatrī, the Highest Meditation Author : Keshavadas (Satguru Sant)
Release : 1990
Publisher : Motilal Banarsidass Publ.
ISBN : 9788120806979
File Size : 46.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The highest Meditationdescribes the Gayatri, the mantra which helps the higher man to be born in us all. Sant Keshavadas profoundly tells the meaning and many facets (water rites, sitting posture, time, atmosphere, breath controle, pronunciation of sacred sounds) of this ancient meditation. there are few books available on the Gayatri meditationin English. Professor T.K.Venkateswaran of the Department of Religious Studies, University of Detroit, praises Sant Keshavadas Work and States that if the Gayatri Mantra is understood, repeated, and meditated upon, in the manner in which it is presented in this book, it will illumine the intellect and produce the highest bliss, creativity, and success in the world.