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How to Get Your Message Across

How to Get Your Message Across Author : David Lewis
Release : 1996-01-01
Publisher : Souvenir PressLtd
ISBN : 9780285633483
File Size : 30.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Take the time and trouble to master the secrets revealed in this book and you will quickly gain confidence and become adept at persuading others to adopt your ideas, accede to your requests and accept your points of view. Even if the idea of speaking in public puts the fear of death into you, you will find that you can be a power communicator in any situation - on a public platform, across a boardroom table or on the factory floor, talking on the telephone or using the written word."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Getting Your Message Across

Getting Your Message Across Author :
Release : 1980
Publisher :
File Size : 65.67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Getting Your Message Across

Getting Your Message Across Author : Dr. Kim S. Pensinger
Release : 2019-08-26
Publisher : FriesenPress
ISBN : 1525557971
File Size : 66.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 906
Read : 584

With over forty years of experience ministering cross-culturally, Kim Pensinger presents this “nuts-and-bolts” guide to interpretative communication, or the art of speaking in public through the use of an interpreter. He addresses the theory, preparation, delivery, debrief, challenges, and future of this critical ministry tool in an accessible way. Speaking with an interpreter entails more than a word-for-word translation. We all live in different worlds, and reaching into a new world with the gospel of Christ requires cultural and linguistic sensitivity and understanding. Pastors, preachers, and international speakers will discover a wealth of support and practical resources in Getting Your Message Across and will be inspired to go beyond the boundaries of their own comfort zone. This unique and relevant guide will make a highly-valued travel companion on the mission field and the speaking circuit. An essential addition to every preachers’ bookshelf!

Little Black Business Books - Getting Your Business Message Across

Little Black Business Books - Getting Your Business Message Across Author : Marilyn Messik
Release : 2011-10-30
Publisher : Harriman House Limited
ISBN : 1908003251
File Size : 68.19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Little Black Books offer a feet-on-the-ground, pared down, common sense, no holds barred and hopefully constructive take on the things that can make your business soar or sour! You will find them full of: - Practical steps and suggestions - Ideas and initiatives - Inspiration and incentives - Suggestions to help you prioritise and get you thinking - Reasons for trusting your own common sense and business instincts. They'll also show that whilst there's no short-cut to success, sometimes you find it in the most unexpected places by just looking at things from unusual angles.

Getting Your Message Across

Getting Your Message Across Author : James Hooke
Release : 1998
Publisher : Simon & Schuster (Australia)
ISBN : 9780731805501
File Size : 25.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Getting Your Message Across

Getting Your Message Across Author : Wilf Voss
Release : 2008-11-06
Publisher :
ISBN : 1409222330
File Size : 64.20 MB
Format : PDF
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Are you confident that you are always delivering important messages in a way that has impact and gets your message across effectively?In a world where professionals are suffering from 'information overload' it is becoming increasingly difficult for an organisation to ensure that they are effectively engaging with their clients, contacts or members. This book provides tools and techniques for anyone who has to present an important message to ensure that they get their message across highly effectively. The book has a wide coverage with training which is relevant for meetings, presentations and press and public relations. The book is built on many years of practical experience and aims to share professional techniques which can be employed by any professional who needs to communicate effectively.

Getting Your Message Across

Getting Your Message Across Author : Geraldine Hills
Release : 2015-09-13
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781716926150
File Size : 70.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It is not always easy to get your message across. Sometimes the message that does come across isn't really what you intended to say. "Just say what you think", right? It sounds like such an easy thing to do. Just say what you're thinking, what's bothering you, what's on your mind and hey presto everyone will immediately understand what it is you're trying to say and what you want! If only it were that simple. This book shows you how it can be done in a very accessible and fun way!

13 Proven Ways to Get Your Message Across

13 Proven Ways to Get Your Message Across Author : Ernest W. Brewer
Release : 1997-08-04
Publisher : Corwin
File Size : 55.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book features presentation techniques that have proved successful in the classroom, at conferences, and in workshops, and that can be used with one or two participants as well as with large audiences. A checklist is included to help the reader decide which method to use when, as are planning and evaluation worksheets for each method.

Getting the Message Across

Getting the Message Across Author : Stéphane Faroult
Release : 2016-11-21
Publisher : Apress
ISBN : 1484222954
File Size : 56.27 MB
Format : PDF
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Create memorable presentations on technical and complex topics in slideware such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote for Mac. Learn good pacing and rhythm as well as judicious use of special effects. Whether the goal is to help a sale or to educate, and whether the final delivery is a live presentation, a webinar, or a short video presentation, this book focuses on the particular difficulties linked to technical presentations. You will learn to create a story when there is none, gain the interest of an audience who may not feel as strongly for the topic as the speaker does, turn abstract concepts into visual models, overcome the limitations of the medium (limited space, two dimensions), maintain interest through rhythm, and use effects, not to look cool or get that "WOW" moment, but to serve the message. Getting The Message Across presents a number of field-tested ideas for raising interest. The use of various techniques and careful scripting will help you, even if you aren't a natural-born show-person, to communicate effectively, and to make your audience remember your message, and not necessarily your slides. This book will teach you: Rhythm and animations, and the use of transitions To hold audience interest even with "dry" topics To create memorable presentations Techniques useful for PowerPoint, Keynote for Mac, and any similar presentation medium or environment What You Will Learn Turn austere topics into interesting stories. Give rhythm and pacing to your presentations. Build a narrative during transitions and animations. Hold audience interest and make listeners feel clever. Make people remember your presentation rather than your cool use of slideware. Who This Book Is For People who have to communicate effectively on strongly technical topics. This book targets educators and trainers as well as technical consultants who need to present complex solutions to customers or leads, as well as would-be speakers at scientific or technical conferences. Getting The Message Across is a book for people who want to make their presentations not only more attractive, but really memorable. It is for people who aren't looking for a standing ovation, but who are willing to do what they can to be understood and to make their messages remembered. Getting The Message Across focuses on using slideware such as PowerPoint and Keynote. Such slideware, for all its flaws, is still one of the best ways to communicate, not only live, but also in dematerialized communications (webinars, video tutorials) for reaching an ever-growing audience.

Type & Layout

Type & Layout Author : Colin Wheildon
Release : 1995
Publisher :
File Size : 41.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 927
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A surprising and useful book full of information and indispensable to anyone involved in communicating ideas through typographic means.--Milton Glaser, president, Milton Glaser, Inc. TYPE & LAYOUT should be required reading before students are allowed to touch a computer.--Dennis G. Martin, Ph.D., Professor of Communications, Brigham Young University.

Getting the Message Across

Getting the Message Across Author : Jennifer Wiggins
Release : 2013-03-14
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 0199757410
File Size : 41.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides practical advice to assist genetic counselors, geneticists, and other health professionals wanting to engage appropriately with different clients from different communities — patients who are hearing and/or visually impaired, patients with diverse sex development or religious backgrounds, and those who are available only through interpreter or telephone consultation.

Can You Say a Few Words?

Can You Say a Few Words? Author : Joan Detz
Release : 2006-03-21
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN : 146680419X
File Size : 31.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 468
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-Your alma mater asks you to say a few words at an upcoming fundraising dinner -You've won an employee award and will have to give a short acceptance speech at the ceremony -Your parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and you'd like to make a toast at their party Everyone's counting on you to sound polished, to be prepared, to speak with savvy-in short, to give a speech that's as memorable as the occasion itself. Don't dread these invitations to speak. Instead, learn to prepare clear, concise, and engaging speeches that will live up to your audience's expectations and match the mood of the occasion. Award-winning corporate speechwriter Joan Detz offers solid advice for tackling this nerve-racking task-with pointers, tips, and trade secrets that will help you make the most of every speaking opportunity. Clearly written and fun to read, this invaluable guide provides all the practical advice and encouragement you need to deliver a winning speech.

Get, Set, GO! Fundraising

Get, Set, GO! Fundraising Author : Anthony David
Release : 2012-10-17
Publisher : Andrews UK Limited
ISBN : 1909101109
File Size : 33.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 530
Read : 1264

Get Set GO! Fundraising is aimed at early years settings and Children's Centres that are new to the world of fundraising. The book offers a wide range of ideas to support you as you venture into the financial world of fundraising. Set out in an easy-to-read style, you can dip into the book at any point, with each page set out in a range of helpful headings to get you going as soon as possible.

Clear Written Communication

Clear Written Communication Author :
Release : 2015
Publisher :
ISBN : 9782806284310
File Size : 67.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 370
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The Engaging Interview

The Engaging Interview Author : Temple Black
Release : 2009-09-16
Publisher :
ISBN : 0557088089
File Size : 60.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 556
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A technical manual to successful interviews.Mr. Black has worked a number of high profile Immigration and Customs Enforcement stories including the arrest and deportation of more than a hundred illegal aliens from Arkadelphia, Arkansas, the story of Randolph Hobson Guthrie sentenced for conspiracy to import thousands of counterfeit DVDs containing unauthorized copies of motion pictures and most recently the case of Howard Industries, Laurel, Mississippi, that involved the removal of almost six-hundred illegal aliens, the largest operation of its kind in recent U.S. history.

Your Dieting Daughter

Your Dieting Daughter Author : Carolyn Costin
Release : 2013-03-05
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1135095493
File Size : 72.40 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 573
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Your Dieting Daughter is a must read for anyone wanting to help contribute to a young woman’s development of a healthy self and body esteem, whether she is 13 or 30. Costin has updated the first edition of this book to reflect her 15 additional years of expertise on dealing with the tricky issues of body image, food, and weight in a culture that places an unhealthy emphasis on being thin. From aiding a young girl to lose weight for health reasons; to encouraging a young woman to accept her natural body size; to helping detect, prevent, and understand eating disorders, this second edition is full of practical and invaluable information. Chapters guide parents in the Do’s and Don’ts that will help a daughter to accept, respect, and care for her body. Readers will learn the importance of setting a good example and the critical need to take the focus from numbers and measurements - such as scale weight, clothing size, miles run, or sit-ups accomplished - to important goals like health, body acceptance, and finding physical activity to enjoy. Whether you are interested in being a good role model for you daughter, helping girls and women who are currently suffering from an eating disorder or body image issues, or raising the next generation of girls to value the size of their heart over their body size, this is a book not to be missed.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Improve Your Writing Skills Author :
Release :
Publisher : Bookboon
ISBN : 8740301389
File Size : 37.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 740
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Community Engagement, Organization, and Development for Public Health Practice

Community Engagement, Organization, and Development for Public Health Practice Author : Frederick Murphy, MSPHyg, MPIA
Release : 2012-08-06
Publisher : Springer Publishing Company
ISBN : 0826108024
File Size : 36.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 608
Read : 1074

In this practical text, public health students and practitioners will learn the fundamentals of applying community engagement, organization, and development principles to create successful community public health campaigns. Emphasizing nontraditional approaches and partnerships, and the need to readjust traditional strategies, it discusses organization and development methods optimal for public health practice, including public health ethics, faith-based initiatives in community health, community assessment and measurement methods, coalition building, frameworks for developing health policy, and more. This textbook addresses work in at-risk and diverse communities, and stresses the impact of urban change on the community engagement, organization, and development process. It also discusses the methodologies and theoretical frameworks underlying successful community organizing and development. The multidisciplinary public health scholars and practitioners contributing to this work identify the skills required to both analyze the health and health care delivery challenges of underserved communities, and to understand the social, cultural, environmental, and economic determinants of health and illness. The book includes a wealth of practical approaches and case studies drawn from the authors' real-life experiences in developing successful community health campaigns. PowerPoint slides and case study exercises for each chapter accompany the text for instructor's use Key Features: Disseminates the fundamentals of applying community engagement, organization, and development principles to community public health campaigns Provides real-life examples of methods and strategies used in engaging, organizing, and empowering community residents Discusses community organization approaches and the methodologies and frameworks underlying them Emphasizes the impact of urban change on the future of community organization and development process Written and edited by contributors with a wealth of practical and academic experience