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From 0 to Financial Freedom

From 0 to Financial Freedom Author : Steve McKnight
Release : 2012-11-19
Publisher : Flipside Digital Content Company Inc.
ISBN : 0646590529
File Size : 31.48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What does financial freedom mean to you? Not having to work? Being able to afford life's luxuries without worrying about the cost? Financial security? Perhaps supporting the needy or disadvantaged? Well, if you believe and follow the conventional approach to investing then forget it! It's unlikely you'll ever be financially free because the way most people approach investing results in seven out of ten retirees ending up needing the age pension - a mere 25% of average weekly earnings - to survive.You need a different approach, and in this book expert property investor Steve McKnight reveals how to start from scratch in today's property market.Inside you'll discover: Steve's exciting new two-part system for retiring richer, and sooner Which properties make the best growth and income investments What strategies are best for you, and why How to buy more properties without working harder in your job And much, much more

The Road to Financial Freedom

The Road to Financial Freedom Author : Bodo Schaefer
Release :
Publisher : AB Publishing, The Rights Company
File Size : 77.14 MB
Format : PDF
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Number-one worldwide best seller Bodo Schafer suggests tips to help make you as successful as he and many others have been by showing you the road to financial freedom. For many people, the concept of actually owning a million dollars at one time is completely unfathomable. So what if you could do it in seven years? Bodo Schafer, renowned financier and personal management aficionado, is back again to help people discover the tips and tricks that successful individuals employ to make it to the top. The Road to Financial Freedom is just that - a journey, and one Schafer has elected to help you undertake. Being rich and successful isn't merely luck; it takes discipline, tools, and an understanding of finances that most people simply don't have. This book is here to help unravel the shroud that keeps success out of the grasp of ordinary individuals. In this book you will learn: - How to manage and eliminate debt - Asset control and growth - Ways to not depend on others for financial solvency - And so much more! While becoming a millionaire in just seven years seems like a dream to some, those who practice the habits in this book could very well see it become a reality. Individuals are fraught with financial prejudices they don't know they have, which keep them from attaining success they don't know they are capable of. You can earn money, manage that money, and watch that money grow exponentially in a way that allows you every want without becoming destitute, because at the end of the day it's all about making your money work for you instead of spending your whole life working for your money. ©2016 AB Publishing, The Rights Company (P)2016 AB Publishing, The Rights Company

Financial Freedom Through Property

Financial Freedom Through Property Author : Laurens Boel
Release : 2020-03-01
Publisher : Penguin Random House South Africa
ISBN : 1776095057
File Size : 89.61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A step-by-step, practical guide on how to purchase your first investment property, written in easy-to-understand, conversational language that explains complex concepts simply. Most people believe that property is a great investment, but that in order to get into property you need money, contacts and experience. When you only see the barriers to entry, you tend to give up before you even try. Property investment expert Laurens Boel believes that with the right knowledge anyone can make money in property, regardless of the resources available to them. Financial Freedom Through Property is filled with practical tips, insider secrets and case studies. It explains the risks and rewards of property investing, how to make the right offer on property deals, raise capital, contract the right team, negotiate win-win scenarios, utilise innovative PropTech, find discounted properties and enjoy positive cash flows from day one. It also tells the story of how the author became one of the top property investors in South Africa – after being retrenched and going broke. Financial Freedom Through Property is an inspirational book for those who want to create a better financial future for themselves. You don’t need to be a property mogul to make money on the property market – all you need is the willingness and the time to learn how to do it.

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom Author : Suze Orman
Release : 2006
Publisher : Currency
ISBN : 9780307345844
File Size : 39.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The best-selling author of The Courage to Be Rich offers an updated new guide to financial success that shows readers how to obtain control over their money through changing their spending habits; how to understand investments, retirement, insurance, and credit; and how to gain true financial freedom. Original. 100,000 first printing.

Zero Debt

Zero Debt Author : Lynnette Khalfani
Release : 2004
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781932450750
File Size : 26.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Provides practical advice on getting out of debt, setting a budget, and managing personal finances to guaranteea a healthy financial future and retirement.

Financial Freedom Blueprint

Financial Freedom Blueprint Author : Louis Blyth Llanes
Release : 2015-10-27
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 9781518811999
File Size : 79.59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 803
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Are you tired of not knowing whether you are in the right investments? In the Financial Freedom Blueprint, written by veteran wealth manager Louis Llanes, discover how to exponentially improve your ability to make smart financial choices, avoid costly mistakes, and get massive results to secure your financial future. In this book you'll learn: * How to secure your retirement using the L.A.S.E.R. Investing Process(tm).* A simple Goal Grading(tm) formula to double or triple your effectiveness when making investment choices. * The secret to building the right portfolio for your personal situation using an Asset Strategy Map(tm)* And most important, how to increase your growth using an Evidence-Based Investment Approach.Armed with this information you can effectively grow your wealth to support your lifestyle, have the flexibility and security to pursue what makes you happy for the rest of your life without excessive stress and time-wasting activities on finances.

The Path

The Path Author : Peter Mallouk
Release : 2020-10-13
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1642937029
File Size : 64.35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Accelerate your journey to financial freedom with the tools, strategies, and mindset of money mastery. Regardless of your stage of life and your current financial picture, the quest for financial freedom can indeed be conquered. The journey will demand the right tools and strategies along with the mindset of money mastery. With decades of collective wisdom and hands-on experience, your guides for this expedition are Peter Mallouk, the only man in history to be ranked the #1 Financial Advisor in the U.S. for three consecutive years by Barron’s (2013, 2014, 2015), and Tony Robbins, the world-renowned life and business strategist. Mallouk and Robbins take the seemingly daunting goal of financial freedom and simplify it into a step-by-step process that anyone can achieve. The pages of this book are filled with real-life success stories and vital lessons, such as… • Why the future is better than you think and why there is no greater time in history to be an investor • How to chart your personally tailored course for financial security • How markets behave and how to achieve peace of mind during volatility • What the financial services industry doesn’t want you to know • How to select a financial advisor that puts your interests first • How to navigate, select, or reject the many types of investments available • Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure! Financial freedom is not only about money—it’s about feeling deeply fulfilled in your own personal journey “Want an eye-opening guide to money management—one that tells it like it is and will make you laugh along the way? Peter Mallouk’s tour of the financial world is a tour de force that’ll change the way you think about money.” —Jonathan Clements, Former Columnist for The Wall Street Journal “Robbins is the best economic moderator that I’ve ever worked with. His mission to bring insights from the world’s greatest financial minds to the average investor is truly inspiring.” —Alan Greenspan, Former Federal Reserve Chairman "Tony is a force of nature.” —Jack Bogle, Founder of Vanguard

Financial Freedom in 8 Minutes a Day

Financial Freedom in 8 Minutes a Day Author : Ron Hulnick
Release : 1994
Publisher : Rodale Books
ISBN : 9780875961897
File Size : 61.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 452
Read : 420

Two respected psychologists present findings indicating that people's finances are more dependent on their thoughts and emotions than on their knowledge of economics and offer ways to change beliefs about money to increase wealth. National ad/promo.

The 6 Steps to Financial Freedom - How to Turn Your Debt Into Wealth

The 6 Steps to Financial Freedom - How to Turn Your Debt Into Wealth Author : Immanuel Ezekiel
Release : 2012-03-20
Publisher : Fastprint Publishing
ISBN : 9781780353012
File Size : 46.12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 390
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The Six Steps to Financial Freedom outlines a proven system that has helped thousands of people to get totally out of debt and achieve financial freedom in the shortest possible time - even throughout the recent financial crisis. This approach has taken p

The ABC's of Financial Freedom

The ABC's of Financial Freedom Author : Barry Cameron
Release : 2008-01-05
Publisher : College Press
ISBN : 9780899009582
File Size : 75.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 328
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90 Days To Financial Freedom

90 Days To Financial Freedom Author : Kabir Wolf
Release : 2020-07-07
Publisher :
File Size : 57.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 216
Read : 634

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get rich easily, while others seem destined for a life of financial struggle? This book will outline all the strategies you need to go from being broke and working a dead-end job to setting up your first successful business even if you have no products to sell. We tend to get scared of the term "business" as we think that it is very hard and impossible to do without an MBA, but the truth of the matter is that most people who complete their Masters in Business Administration come out on the other side with a $55,000/year job.Society has this game plan for you: Go to school, get good grades, get a high paying job and climb up the corporate ladder and one day you will be successful. The problem with this plan is that it not only takes too long, but you never become financially free. As long as you are exchanging your time for money, you will end up with neither. The sooner you accept this reality, the sooner you will see that society's game plan is indeed broken. Most of us have just accepted that this as our fate and have succumbed to "The Plan" but through this book I want to share with you the techniques that you can use to break free from society's broken game plan and truly start living the life you deserve and start making the money you deserve. Get ready for the most crucial 90 days in your life!

Get a Financial Grip

Get a Financial Grip Author : Pete Wargent
Release : 2012
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781921941801
File Size : 70.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 914
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Pete Wargent used shares, index funds and investment property to become a millionaire at the age of 33 and quit fulltime work. His new book is a detailed plan for achieving financial freedom at any age by taking control of your finances and implementing a holistic financial strategy. The global financial crisis has seen us living through times of great volatility and uncertainty. Many people have been forced to endure periods of unemployment, housing has become almost unaffordable and it seems that the concept of a job for life is a thing of the past. It is more important than ever that we create a sustainable lifestyle and have a financial plan that is not totally reliant on a job and a salary. Get a Financial Grip looks at the psychology and mindset of success as well as looking at the asset classes that can be used to attain the leverage and returns to achieve financial goals. The author presents a comprehensive, but easy to understand plan for building and balancing a portfolio for generating wealth through compound growth. It shows how your money can work for you and give you the best odds of breaking the link between work and income. This is not just another text on financial and investment theory, it is a practical, specific and life-changing plan to propel your finances to a level you may never have believed possible. It's a simple plan for achieving financial freedom; offering you the chance to live the life you choose.

Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom

Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom Author : Steve Sjuggerud
Release : 2004-05-03
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN : 9780071421478
File Size : 67.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 209
Read : 1122

Commonsense Rules for Financial Freedom--Anyone Can Do It! Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom shows you how to know in 30 seconds whether you should be in or out of the market. The authors show you how great investors avoid mistakes--and win big. With Van Tharp's legendary risk-control techniques, learn how the world's most profitable investors reduce their risk and leave their wealth-generating potential unlimited, and how you can too. You'll learn how to invest wisely--in every type of market, protecting what you earn, and developing sources of regular income to achieve financial independence. Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom provides you with a specific program for freeing yourself from the workplace--forever. Let it show you how to seize control of your financial life by investing in the assets that will provide you with steady income until the day when your investment income surpasses your monthly expenses--and you are, once and for all, financially free.

How Much Money Is Enough?

How Much Money Is Enough? Author : Benny Ong
Release : 2019-08-06
Publisher : Write Editions
ISBN : 9811414343
File Size : 79.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 837
Read : 882

A school dropout at 13 years, veteran financial adviser and author Benny Ong entered the insurance industry in 1967 and after 23 years, set up his own company and pioneered a fee-based advisory for personal and business financial planning in Singapore. In retrospect, after 50 years of dealing with and observing how people relate to money, Benny feels compelled to share his insights on the provocative question: “How much money is enough?” In his inimitable style, Benny uses his own life stories, anecdotes and real-life events to articulate his thoughts on the seven rules in achieving financial freedom. These include: Understanding the difference between financial freedom and financial independence; the discipline of spending below your means; the risks associated with buying on credit; learning how to invest for the long term; doing something meaningful in your later years. Akin to guiding his clients in their personal financial planning over the past five decades, Benny hopes to share with you the truth about money: what it takes and what it means to have enough money, more than enough money and how you can achieve true financial freedom and live a satisfied and fulfilling life.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Author : Grant Sabatier
Release : 2020-04-07
Publisher : Avery
ISBN : 052553458X
File Size : 27.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 787
Read : 1324

The International Bestseller "This book blew my mind. More importantly, it made financial independence seem achievable. I read Financial Freedom three times, cover-to-cover." --Lifehacker Money is unlimited. Time is not. Become financially independent as fast as possible. In 2010, 24-year old Grant Sabatier woke up to find he had $2.26 in his bank account. Five years later, he had a net worth of over $1.25 million, and CNBC began calling him "the Millennial Millionaire." By age 30, he had reached financial independence. Along the way he uncovered that most of the accepted wisdom about money, work, and retirement is either incorrect, incomplete, or so old-school it's obsolete. Financial Freedom is a step-by-step path to make more money in less time, so you have more time for the things you love. It challenges the accepted narrative of spending decades working a traditional 9 to 5 job, pinching pennies, and finally earning the right to retirement at age 65, and instead offers readers an alternative: forget everything you've ever learned about money so that you can actually live the life you want. Sabatier offers surprising, counter-intuitive advice on topics such as how to: * Create profitable side hustles that you can turn into passive income streams or full-time businesses * Save money without giving up what makes you happy * Negotiate more out of your employer than you thought possible * Travel the world for less * Live for free--or better yet, make money on your living situation * Create a simple, money-making portfolio that only needs minor adjustments * Think creatively--there are so many ways to make money, but we don't see them. But most importantly, Sabatier highlights that, while one's ability to make money is limitless, one's time is not. There's also a limit to how much you can save, but not to how much money you can make. No one should spend precious years working at a job they dislike or worrying about how to make ends meet. Perhaps the biggest surprise: You need less money to "retire" at age 30 than you do at age 65. Financial Freedom is not merely a laundry list of advice to follow to get rich quick--it's a practical roadmap to living life on one's own terms, as soon as possible.

Financial Freedom: A Guide for Personal Finances

Financial Freedom: A Guide for Personal Finances Author : Merlon Harper
Release : 2015-08-05
Publisher :
ISBN : 1483434532
File Size : 28.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 582
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Most people make simple mistakes that kill their chances of living a life defined by financial freedom. One of the big reasons is they dream big, but they fail to comprehend how significant a role money plays in achieving those dreams. The reality is that building a solid foundation of how finance works is usually the first step to getting what you want. Written in straightforward language, this guidebook to understanding money gives you the tools and insights you need to: navigate college without taking out too many loans; pay off debt you've already acquired; use credit cards and bank accounts responsibly; boost a lagging credit score; decide what type of insurance you need. Filled with charts, graphs, and examples of how managing money right can pay off big, this guide is a must-have for anyone seeking to make smart decisions. Leave debt in the past, and start reaping the rewards that go along with Financial Freedom."

Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom

Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom Author : Robert Katz
Release : 2011-07-28
Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN : 0768497949
File Size : 57.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 319
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"Filled with practical insights and Biblical truths, this...balanced, Bible-based approach will bring financial freedom and blessing to your life." ---Benny Hinn Wealth is a powerful tool for both good and evil. It can quickly destroy the fiber of your soul or it can be a source of tremendous blessing for yourself and others. Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom will help you to navigate your way to financial freedom as well as open up doors to spiritual prosperity. You will learn the ten biblical financial principles that are most often violated by Christians. And you will learn the price you pay if you violate these truths. Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom is your personal roadmap to wise decision-making regarding the stewardship of your earthly finances. At the same time you will be shown the pathways to create lasting treasures in heaven.

Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom: How to Use The Smith Manoeuvre in Canada to Make Your Mortgage Tax-Deductible and Create Wealth

Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom: How to Use The Smith Manoeuvre in Canada to Make Your Mortgage Tax-Deductible and Create Wealth Author : Robinson Smith
Release : 2019-11-05
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781999171605
File Size : 90.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 946
Read : 951

Do you have a mortgage? Are you interested in learning how you can actually be thankful that you do? Your mortgage really can become your best friend.