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Essential Yellowstone

Essential Yellowstone Author : Michael Yochim
Release : 2019-08-07
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781606391204
File Size : 63.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A former park ranger blends science and adventure in a compelling description of Yellowstone National Park.

Essential Yellowstone

Essential Yellowstone Author : Susan Neider
Release : 2018-04-17
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780985778330
File Size : 59.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"What are the best places in Yellowstone?" Essential Yellowstone answers the question with a simple alphabetical list showcasing a dramatic collection of modern and vintage photographs of 50 Unforgettable Places in the park. Essential Yellowstone is a traveling companion, serving as the definitive pictorial guide to making the most of your trip, a luminous portrait of the world's first national park, and a lasting remembrance of your travels.


Electra Author : Alfred V. Cafiero
Release : 2014-06-20
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1499031300
File Size : 33.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Electra is a utopian type city and the envy of every city in the U.S. Its citizens enjoyed the benefits of good government and therefore, lulled into complacency by its many amenities, believing the good life would last forever without their participation in civic affairs and henceforth, neglected their right to vote. Their indifference to the political process left the door ajar for the criminal element to establish a foothold in city government. Gradually, the tentacles of corruption penetrated every office of city government. This once great city, is now degenerated into one of crime and vice, with the establishment of gambling, prostitution, and drugs. This story centers on two wealthy individuals who decided on restoring the city to its former greatness by combining their resources, influence, and expertise in a resourceful, dangerous, and questionable plan. Alvin Cain came from humble origins; and through his intelligence and fearless nature, he became a wealthy man and the architect of a daring plan to restore Electra to respectability. John Winthrop Hamilton III was born into wealth, a philanthropist and the moral guide of the two men; he had to be convinced that Alvin Cain's method was the only viable plan that could succeed. Although daring, dangerous, and unethical, the plan was adopted.

Grizzly West

Grizzly West Author : Michael J Dax
Release : 2015-08
Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
ISBN : 0803266731
File Size : 77.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Based on the author's master's thesis, University of Montana.

Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA Author : Jamie Jensen
Release : 2016-01-05
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 1612389031
File Size : 73.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Road Awaits! Criss-cross the country on America's classic two-lane highways with Road Trip USA! Inside Road Trip USA you'll find: A flexible network of route combinations color-coded and extensively cross-referenced to allow for hundreds of possible itineraries Mile-by-mile highlights celebrating the best of Americana, including roadside curiosities, parks, diners, and the local history and personality that makes each small town and big city unique Over 125 detailed driving maps covering more than 35,000 miles of classic American blacktop Full-color photos and illustrations of America both then and now Expert advice from road-warrior Jamie Jensen, who sped along nearly 400,000 miles of highway in search of the perfect stretches of pavement Insight into the heart of the great American road trip, as well as resources and suggestions for the best books to read as you explore the US Road Trip USA is so full of the beauty of the American highway, why wait to start your next adventure? Hit the Road!

Yellowstone and the Biology of Time

Yellowstone and the Biology of Time Author : Mary Meagher
Release : 1999-02-01
Publisher : University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN : 0806130067
File Size : 77.70 MB
Format : PDF
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Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the oldest and one of the largest national parks in the world. In this remarkable book, scientists Mary Meagher and Douglas B. Houston present 100 sets of photographs that compare the Yellowstone of old with the park of today. Most of the photo sets include three pictures-not the usual two-with many of the original views dating back to the 1870s and 1880s. From the same photo points used by early photographers, Meagher and Houston rephotographed the scenes in the 1970s, and then, following the great fires of 1988, again in the 1990s. The result is an illuminating record of Yellowstone's dynamic ecosystem and its changes over time. Through close analysis of the photos and reference to the vast amount of available data, Meagher and Houston describe changes in vegetation, growth of wildlife populations, the effect of beaver occupancy on wetland areas, and geothermal and elevational shifts. At the same time they point out the extent to which many sites have not changed-despite important switches in park policy and an increase in human activity. Yellowstone National Park has long been the focus of major ecological debates. Should managers allow wildfires to burn? Should the elk and bison populations be controlled? Are too many people visiting the park? Yellowstone And The Biology Of Time offers a wealth of information to help us answer these questions. A visual treasure, this book will be of value to scientists from various disciplines as well as to the many people who care about Yellowstone and other protected wilderness areas around the world.

Yellowstone Lake Safety Book

Yellowstone Lake Safety Book Author : Jobe Leonard
Release : 2015-01-07
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 9781505863024
File Size : 32.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A must have guide for anyone who spends time at the lake with children. This should be the first book you read any and every child arriving at your boat, lake property, campsite, dock, fishing trip, summer lake vacation, or lake cabin. Make it a summer holiday tradition, you will not regret it. This Lake Safety Book is a perfect guide to share with a young child before their first trip to the lake, or anytime you have young guests visit you at the lake. Filled with colorful and fun pictures with correlating text, the Lake Safety Book will help any parent to educate their child in the best practices for a safe and enjoyable vacation.Complete with the most common, but important, instructions this is a must have tool for your trip. Space is also included at the end for your own rules and regulations to enjoy your water vacation. Dont leave for the lake without first consulting this wonderful guide.Pick up your copy of this educationalpicture book today and be prepared for a safe trip to the lake! A trip to the lake can be a fun and enjoyable activity for the entire family, but safety comes first. With this Lake Safety picture book you can show and tell your youngster the dos and don'ts of having fun at the lake. Complete already with over twenty important reminders, there is space also included at the end for your own rules and regulations to safely enjoy your water vacation. Filled with colorful, informative pictures as well as text, the Lake Fun Book is the perfect accompaniment to your next lake outing.

Yellowstone Science

Yellowstone Science Author :
Release : 2005
Publisher :
File Size : 57.32 MB
Format : PDF
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Essential Reference Services for Today's School Media Specialists

Essential Reference Services for Today's School Media Specialists Author : Scott Lanning
Release : 2004
Publisher : Libraries Unltd Incorporated
File Size : 37.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Table of Contents List of illustrations Preface Ch. 1 Information 1 Ch. 2 Information literacy 9 Ch. 3 Evaluating reference sources 17 Ch. 4 Print reference sources 29 Ch. 5 The reference interview 45 Ch. 6 Library catalogs 55 Ch. 7 Electronic reference sources 63 Ch. 8 Searching the web 77 Ch. 9 Creating electronic library resources 85 Ch. 10 Core curriculum and collaboration 91 Ch. 11 Building a reference collection 95 Ch. 12 Evaluation of reference service 103 Ch. 13 Sharing the reference collection with your school 115 References 119 Index 123.

Travels in the Greater Yellowstone

Travels in the Greater Yellowstone Author : Jack Turner
Release : 2009-05-12
Publisher : Macmillan
ISBN : 1429939923
File Size : 77.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Award-winning nature writer Jack Turner directs his attention to one of America's greatest natural treasures: the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Comprised of two national parks, three national wildlife refuges, parts of six national forests, and eleven wilderness areas, Greater Yellowstone is a vast array of differing environments and geographies. In a series of essays, Turner explores this wonderland, venturing on twelve separate trips in all seasons using various modes of travel: hiking, climbing, skiing, canoeing lakes, floating rivers, and driving his way across the landscape. He treks down the Teton Range, picks up the Oregon Trail in the Red Desert, and floats the South Fork of the Snake River. Along the way he encounters a variety of wildlife: moose, elk, trout, and wolves. From the treacherous mountains in the dead of winter, to lush river valleys in the height of fishing season, his words and steps trace one of the most American of experiences---exploring the West. Turner, who has lived in Grand Teton for three decades, designates Greater Yellowstone as ground zero for the country's conflict between preservation and development. At a time when the battle to preserve a wild and natural environment is relentless, his accounts of the areas conflicts with alien species, logging, real estate, oil, and gas development are alarming. A mixture of adventure, nostalgia, and Americana, Turner's rare experiences and evocative writing transform the sights and sounds of Greater Yellowstone into an intimate narrative of travel through America's most beloved lands. Praise for Teewinot: "Bursting with a sense of place...a rewarding reading experience replete with ravishing observations of nature." - Publishers Weekly "...a measured luxuriance in the landscape, a love song to the natural history of a place...Turner's writing is muscular, never swaggering, and almost lyrical, summoning a Teton Range in its rightful, sublime austerity." - Kirkus Reviews "Teewinot is a rare book. The wonderful accounts of mountaineering serve as armature not only for Turner's meditative reverence for the Grand Tetons and his often evocative prose but also for an uncommon density of knowledge of place..." - Peter Matthiessen, author of Tigers in the Snow "This is, simply stated, a wonderful and utterly engaging book." - Jim Harrison, author of Dalva and The Road Home "Each place must find its muse. The Tetons have found theirs and his name is Jack Turner." - Terry Tempest Williams, author of Coyote's Canyon

The Essential Guide to Hiking in the United States

The Essential Guide to Hiking in the United States Author : Charles Cook
Release : 1992-01
Publisher : Michael Kesend Pub Limited
ISBN : 9780935576412
File Size : 59.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Provides a wealth of information on the sport of hiking, lists 387 hiking areas state-by-state, and rates the major trails according to terrain, visual beauty, and degree of difficulty.

A Field Guide to Butterflies of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

A Field Guide to Butterflies of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Author : Diane M. Debinski
Release : 2002-08-30
Publisher : Roberts Rinehart
ISBN : 1461663822
File Size : 89.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, while mostly noted for grizzly bears, elk, moose, and other large mammals, also host a high species diversity of butterflies, owing to the ecosystem's vast area of pristine habitat. Many of the nearly 120 butterflies described can also be found elsewhere in the Northern Rockies, making the book useful beyond the artificial borders of the public lands. Illustrated with color plates of each species, A Field Guide to Butterflies of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem also provides basic information on butterfly anatomy and natural history, as well as the proper way to "catch and release" butterflies—though with a stern reminder that netting butterflies is not permitted in the national parks.

Western Legal History

Western Legal History Author :
Release : 2000
Publisher :
File Size : 83.63 MB
Format : PDF
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