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Diagnosis and Beyond

Diagnosis and Beyond Author : Martin Milton
Release : 2012
Publisher : Pccs Books
ISBN : 9781906254377
File Size : 61.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Distress can be thought of as 'psychopathology', a thing to be diagnosed, treated and cured.

Beyond the DSM

Beyond the DSM Author : Steven C. Hayes
Release : 2020-10-01
Publisher : New Harbinger Publications
ISBN : 1684036631
File Size : 78.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As a mental health clinician, you know that every client is unique, and a client’s symptoms are the result of a complex combination of psychological, environmental, genetic, and neural factors. However, the de facto DSM model poses considerable constraints on how you can treat clients—often resulting in a one-size-fits-all diagnosis. This important volume challenges the assumptions and approach made by the DSM, and provides a vision and plan for an evidence-based, process-based approach to individualized care. With contributions from renowned experts in the field—including Steven C. Hayes, Stefan G. Hofmann, Joseph Ciarrochi, Matthew McKay, Uma Vaidyanathan, Sarah Morris, David Sommers, J. Scott Fraser, and many more—this groundbreaking book will show you a new way to recognize the complexity of human suffering and human prosperity. You’ll find solid tips for treating a wide variety of psychological issues in a more flexible way. And, finally, you’ll come away with a greater understanding of the “processes of change,” and how to build a solid foundation for an alternative to syndromal diagnosis. The future of mental health treatment is process-based. Whether you’re a clinician, researcher, student, instructor, or other professional working in the mental health field, this breakthrough volume offers everything you need to understand process-based treatment and create a more customized and effective approach to treating clients.

Beyond Diagnosis

Beyond Diagnosis Author : Michael Bruch
Release : 2015-01-05
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1118600363
File Size : 30.8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The second edition of Beyond Diagnosis is a fully updated and expanded examination of Vic Meyer’s pioneering case formulation approach and its application to cognitive behavioral therapy. Recommends dynamic, individualized assessment over standard diagnostic classification for complex individual problems Presents detailed analysis of advanced cases that are relevant for clinical practice Features a foreword by Ira Turkat, as well as discussion of the most up-to-date clinical procedures from a world-wide group of case formulation experts

Beyond the Autism Diagnosis

Beyond the Autism Diagnosis Author : Marion O'Brien
Release : 2006
Publisher : Paul H Brookes Publishing Company
ISBN : 9781557667519
File Size : 61.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Beyond the Autism Diagnosis is filled with the parent feedback professionals need to answer this critical question.

Beyond the Diagnosis

Beyond the Diagnosis Author : Amy Mattson
Release : 2019-03-14
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780578480220
File Size : 75.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When a child is diagnosed with a disability or special needs, parents can feel lost not knowing what to do next. Doctors will tell you what your child needs medically, but no one tells you what to expect emotionally as a special needs parent. "Beyond the Diagnosis" will help parents know what to expect and how to thrive as a special needs family.

Hope Beyond Diagnosis

Hope Beyond Diagnosis Author : Rick Kilfeather
Release : 2010-01
Publisher : Xulon Press
ISBN : 1615797912
File Size : 74.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The fear of cancer: how many millions of families have received that dreaded news or call? My wife received our call the morning of April 1, 2005. The doctor's office advised the second biopsy taken on the lump removed from inside my throat was confirmed by the Mayo Clinic, Stage 3 melanoma. My wife asked if this was treatable and was told it most probably had metastasized and the prognosis was not good. The news, prognosis and surgery tell Part 1 of the journey. Part 2 of the journey graphically details the intervention of a God whom we in this country constantly debate, defend, disclaim and simply want little or no part of. Whatever your status in life, so many of us have been affected by this dreaded, killing disease that has no regard for age or gender. Just about everyone- those battling cancer, Christian people wondering if God still heals, people looking for a source of joy, hope and peace, people wondering if there is a God and are looking for something to grab hold of, and people who adamantly deny the existence of any God- should take the time to read this story. Part 3 is my attempt to share four years of intimacy with a God who has shared His heart, beginning in November of 2004. There is no hidden agenda here, just an average man wanting to share a very unique journey of a profound healing and intimate conversations with the "God of Hope." Rick and Connie continue to reside in Philadelphia, PA. They have four grown sons, two daughter-in-laws, two grandsons, and two granddaughters. Rick and Connie worship at an Assembly of God church in Wyncote, PA.

After The Diagnosis - The Journey Beyond

After The Diagnosis - The Journey Beyond Author :
Release :
Publisher : My Optimal Health Solutions
File Size : 38.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Beyond the Allergy Diagnosis

Beyond the Allergy Diagnosis Author : Simone Albert
Release : 2020-07-13
Publisher : Simone Albert
ISBN : 9780648888109
File Size : 78.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Do you find yourself struggling with an allergy diagnosis and all that it brings with it? Do you feel continually stressed and worried with a desire to live a fulfilled life? Are you constantly treading water, putting out spot fires and finding it difficult to come up for air all while managing life with allergies? You are not alone! Stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fear are all part of transitioning and navigating through a life with allergies. This book walks with you through the key phases experienced when living a life with allergies. This insightful book can support you to: reduce stress and worry rise above fear, doubt and apprehension handle difficult thoughts and feelings more constructively work through repetitive self-doubt behaviours create more satisfying relationships working towards shared family goals strengthen a thriving life Whether you are the parent, child, sibling, grandparent or friend touched by allergies, Beyond the Allergy Diagnosis is a guide to help navigate and build resilience, confidence and capacity for life.

Beyond ADHD

Beyond ADHD Author : Jeff Emmerson
Release : 2017-08-31
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN : 1442275111
File Size : 21.10 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Beyond ADHD weaves Emmerson’s personal story of his ADHD diagnosis, exploring along the way the latest medical, scientific and societal explanations and tools for managing and living with the condition. Including interviews with a number of experts at the forefront of next-generation ADHD diagnostics and treatment, he questions the cookie-cutter way ADHD is commonly diagnosed and treated. Suggesting that the list of symptoms often used to identify ADHD can be attributed to many other disorders and conditions, he explores how and why ADHD diagnoses have increased by 50% in the last ten years. Emmerson advocates a different approach to ADHD, arguing that it should be a diagnosis of exclusion rather than the other way around, and that we must look past the label, recognizing that individual symptoms vary and treatment plans should be better tailored to the individual. He examines mental and behavioral issues from all sides, including the possibility that nurturing – rather than trying to alter or suppress – the active, “360-degree” mind is a viable way for those diagnosed with ADHD to realize their gifts and lead purposeful lives.

Beyond the DSM Story

Beyond the DSM Story Author : Karen Eriksen
Release : 2004-10-12
Publisher : SAGE
ISBN : 1452235880
File Size : 40.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Beyond the DSM Story presents challenges to the Diagnostic Statistical Model (DSM) system from ethical and cultural perspectives, critically evaluating its fit with other professional and theoretical orientations. It offers possible solutions or best practices for addressing ethical, theoretical, and contextual quandaries, along with experiential activities that challenge the reader to think critically about both the problems and the solutions associated with DSM diagnosis. Beyond the DSM Story presents an atheoretical model for incorporating alternative models with DSM assessment. Instructors, students and practitioners will benefit from this critical appraisal of the DSM.

Asperger's Syndrome and Mindfulness

Asperger's Syndrome and Mindfulness Author : Chris Mitchell
Release : 2008-12-15
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN : 9781846428883
File Size : 86.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Understanding who you are can be a lonely and difficult process following the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome (AS). Asperger's Syndrome and Mindfulness illuminates this experience as an empowering path of discovery through the teachings of Buddhism. Chris Mitchell draws parallels between the experience of his own journey towards personhood through AS and the spiritual tenants of Theravada Buddhism, as outlined through the Eightfold Path, a guideline to personal development. Worry and anxiety, confusing desires or negative thoughts are among the everyday hindrances a person with AS faces. This book takes the reader through the key beliefs of Theravada Buddhism, such as Mindfulness and the Four Noble Truths, showing how practices such as Insight Meditation can lead to a positive resolution of these feelings. Talking openly about his own personal experiences, Chris Mitchell provides helpful tips and suggestions for improving confidence and self-esteem towards an overall better sense of self that will be of interest to anyone diagnosed with AS or their family and friends.

Headache in Otolaryngology: Rhinogenic and Beyond, An Issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America,

Headache in Otolaryngology: Rhinogenic and Beyond, An Issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America, Author : Howard Levine
Release : 2014-04-03
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN : 0323290078
File Size : 83.4 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 635
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Patients present to physicians with headache or facial pain and are certain that it is a “sinus headache. Specialists of all types - otolaryngologists, allergists, neurologists, internists, and emergency physicians are confronted almost daily with these patients. “Headache in Otolaryngology: Rhinogenic and Beyond describes headaches ascribed to other causes - migraine as well as headaches that actually are a result of sinusitis. This volume addresses the need for expertise of an otolaryngologist who can obtain a history of nasal and sinus disease, evaluate the interior of the nose, and correlate it to a computed tomographic (CT) scan, along with collaboration of neurologists/headache specialists. Because headaches are often a symptom of potentially dangerous medical conditions that may need emergency work-up and referral to the appropriate physician, information in this volume identifies these emergency conditions for the clinician. Topics include: Confusion about sinus headache; Diagnosing Adult and Pediatric Headache; Imaging for the headache patient; TMJ head pain; Signs of dangerous headache; Vertiginous headache; Rhinogenic headache; Medical treatment of headache; and Surgery for headache.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Colorectal Cancer E-Book

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Colorectal Cancer E-Book Author : Susan Gearhart
Release : 2010-07-15
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN : 1437735649
File Size : 70.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Each volume in the Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer Series is packed with practical, authoritative information designed to cover the full range of diagnostic procedures, including pathologic, radiologic, bronchoscopic, and surgical aspects. You’ll be able to determine the safest, shortest, least invasive way to reach an accurate diagnosis; stage the disease; and choose the best initial treatment for early stages. Based on current evidence in the literature, authors provide clinical, hands-on tools to help you make informed decisions on precisely what tests and imaging studies are needed to diagnose and stage each type of cancer. Practical, authoritative, and highly-illustrated, this volume in the brand new Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer series covers current protocols and the latest advances in diagnostic imaging and molecular and serologic markers for colon cancer. Apply expert advice on the best “next-step plan for different presentations and tips for less invasive protocols. Get clinical, hands-on tools to help you make informed decisions on precisely what tests and imaging studies are needed for accurate diagnosis and staging. Clear figures, tables, and boxes illustrate step-by-step care of the full range of problems encountered. The small size and convenient format make this an ideal purchase for diagnostic reference. Outlines the steps after diagnosis to guide you through formulating a treatment or patient care plan. Emphasizes important points—such as risk-adjusted screening for staging and the use of promising new gene therapies—with “key points boxes at the beginning of each chapter and pedagogic features throughout. Summarizes the process of accurately diagnosing and staging cancer in a logical, almost algorithmic, approach for easy reference. Complements the procedures outlined in the text with full-color photographs and line drawings to reinforce your understanding of the material.

Early Pregnancy Issues for the MRCOG and Beyond

Early Pregnancy Issues for the MRCOG and Beyond Author : Geeta Kumar
Release : 2011-11-01
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 110771799X
File Size : 78.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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With the emergence of early pregnancy issues in many hospitals, demand for educational support and the development of clear management guidelines is more pressing than ever. This book covers a wide range of early pregnancy-related issues, such as early pregnancy development, physiology and various pathological conditions encountered by clinicians in day-to-day practice, such as miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, trophoblastic disease and hyperemesis gravidarum. The book is primarily designed to provide a comprehensive summary for candidates preparing for the Part 2 MRCOG examination, and as such covers the RCOG curriculum for early pregnancy issues. It is also a valuable guide for all healthcare professionals working in the field, including trainees, consultants and midwives.

Lean on Me

Lean on Me Author : Kathryn Lynn Davis
Release : 2006-04-04
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9780743299190
File Size : 66.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The prognosis you give yourself is the only one that's important. You can't allow yourself to become the victim of a negative prognosis. At the young age of thirty-three, Nancy Davis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The finality of the neurologist's prognosis was devastating: "There is nothing you can do. Go home and go to bed...forever." Nancy left her doctor's office in shock and despair. How could it be that within a year she would be confined to her bed, at best able to push the buttons on her television's remote control? She had plans. She had a family. She had a life that she desperately wanted to live. Nancy made a choice. Rather than accepting this hopeless prognosis, she began to educate herself, to create an effective health regimen, and to expand her range of therapeutic options. She literally reinvented her prognosis and in doing so she created a healthy new life. Lean on Me couples Nancy's deeply personal story with a step-by-step guide to empower anyone to take charge of his or her own health care in the face of any life-threatening disease: Step One Embrace Change Step Two Fear Less Step Three Never Take No for an Answer Step Four Find Your Dr. Right Step Five Build Your Health Team Step Six You Are What You Ingest Step Seven Let's Get Physical Step Eight Explore Alternative Therapies Step Nine Tame the Health Care Monster Step Ten Give Back Life-altering diseases often come with a list of "can'ts," "won'ts," and "no's." Nancy teaches readers how to move beyond these negative concepts and focus on what they personally can and will do to improve their health. Each of these steps offers readers the strategies and strength to carry on when they're feeling overwhelmed, and the concrete tools for actively seeking and receiving the best treatment. Lean on Me is the health advocate that each of us needs to adopt in the face of a medical crisis. It is a book that shows how to navigate the health care waters, to find hope, to take positive action, and to celebrate progress -- all kinds, every day. It provides the knowledge and power to make good choices. It supplies the authoritative information that can enable you to save your life or the life of a loved one.

Fifteen Months

Fifteen Months Author : Michael L Stolfi
Release : 2020-05-30
Publisher :
File Size : 20.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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On the night of June 25, 2012, the whole sky fell.I was diagnosed with a Grade 4 GlioblastomaMultiforme. That's fancy medical jargon for"really bad brain cancer." The cancer kills half of thosepersons diagnosed within one year and has a survival rateof fifteen months. Fifteen months came and went. Braincancer took a great deal away from me, but in the yearsfollowing that night, I chose to see what it actually gave me.I have walked a path of darkness and light. The followingis a collection of my thoughts, in journal form, as I walkedthat path. I found myself again along the way and have trulylived beyond those fifteen months.

Beyond the Body Proper

Beyond the Body Proper Author : Margaret M. Lock
Release : 2007
Publisher : Duke University Press
ISBN : 9780822338451
File Size : 63.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Over the past several decades, scholars in both the social sciences and humanities have moved beyond the idea that there is a "body proper": a singular, discrete biological organism with an individual psyche. They have begun to perceive embodiment as dynamic rather than static, as experiences that vary over time and across the world as they are shaped by discourses, institutions, practices, technologies, and ideologies. What has emerged is a multiplicity of bodies, inviting a great many disciplinary points of view and modes of interpretation. The forty-seven readings presented in this volume range from classic works of social theory, history, and ethnography to more recent investigations into historical and contemporary modes of embodiment. Beyond the Body Proper includes nine sections conceptually organized around themes such as everyday life, sex and gender, and science. Each section is preceded by interpretive commentary by the volume's editors. Within the collection are articles and book excerpts focused on bodies using tools and participating in rituals, on bodies walking and eating, and on the female circumcision controversy, as well as pieces on medical classifications, spirit possession, the commodification of body parts, in vitro fertilization, and an artist/anatomist's "plastination" of cadavers for display. Materialist, phenomenological, and feminist perspectives on embodiment appear along with writings on interpretations of pain and the changing meanings of sexual intercourse. Essays on these topics and many others challenge Eurocentric assumptions about the body as they speak to each other and to the most influential contemporary trends in the human sciences. With selections by: Henry Abelove, Walter Benjamin, Janice Boddy, John Boswell, Judith Butler, Caroline Walker Bynum, Stuart Cosgrove, Michel de Certeau, Gilles Deleuze, Alice Domurat Dreger, Barbara Duden, Friedrich Engels, E. E. Evans-Pritchard, Judith Farquhar, Marcel Granet, Felix Guattari, Ian Hacking, Robert Hertz, Patricia Leyland Kaufert, Arthur Kleinman, Shigehisa Kuriyama, Jean Langford, Bruno Latour, Margaret Lock, Emily Martin, Karl Marx, Marcel Mauss, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Nancy K. Miller, Lisa Jean Moore, John D. O'Neil, Aihwa Ong, Mariella Pandolfi, Susan Pedersen, Gregory M. Pflugfelder, Rayna Rapp, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Kristofer Schipper, Matthew Schmidt, Peter Stallybrass, Michael Taussig, Charis Thompson, E.P. Thompson, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, Victor Turner, Terence Turner, Jose van Dijck, Keith Wailoo, Brad Weiss, Allon White

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Author : J. Stephen Jones
Release : 2012-11-14
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 162703188X
File Size : 33.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Based on the highly successful first edition of Prostate Biopsy: Indications, Techniques, and Complications, this new volume presents new concepts that have emerged in answer to current questions from its audience. Many new perspectives and technologies are presented, many from the authors’ internationally recognized work on the topic. Substantial developments in techniques and complications are explored in detail. The chapter authors comprise a complete spectrum of specialists in their respective subject areas. All authors are internationally accepted as the premier authorities on their chosen topics. Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: PSA, Biopsy, and Beyond presents new data on the controversial issue of PSA screening and thresholds as indication to perform biopsy. Office based transrectal saturation biopsy is covered in detail. Other topics explored include template guided biopsy and image-guided biopsy as well as a completely new paradigm for prevention of complications. Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: PSA, Biopsy, and Beyond will be of great value and utility to all practicing urologists.

Advanced Health Assessment & Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care - E-Book

Advanced Health Assessment & Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care - E-Book Author : Joyce E. Dains
Release : 2015-04-24
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN : 0323277284
File Size : 50.12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 178
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Take the ‘next step’ in health assessment! Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care, 5th Edition goes beyond basic history and physical examination to help you master the diagnostic reasoning process. You’ll develop this key skill by following assessment guidelines that focus on a specific complaint rather than beginning with a previously established diagnosis or disease entity. Written by advanced practice nursing experts Joyce Dains, Linda Baumann, and Pamela Scheibel, this edition includes new chapters on evidence-based preventive health screening and on heartburn and indigestion, along with a new full-color design. Master the differential diagnosis process outlined in this book, and you’ll be able to accurately diagnose the majority of patients seen in today’s primary care settings. A clear, consistent diagnostic reasoning process takes you to the next step of health assessment — beyond basic history and physical examination to diagnostic reasoning. Diagnostic Reasoning: Focused History sections use ‘self-questions’ to walk you through the thinking process involved in obtaining a pertinent, relevant, problem-specific history that will assist in differential diagnosis. Diagnostic Reasoning: Focused Physical Examination sections explain how to perform more advanced diagnostic techniques and interpret the findings. Key Questions guide you through assessment and toward an accurate diagnosis by listing questions to ask the patient, followed by explanations of what the patient's responses might signify. Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies sections outline the types of studies that might be appropriate based on the focused history and focused physical examination. Differential Diagnosis sections offer the most common diagnoses for each patient problem and summarize the history and physical examination findings, along with recommended laboratory and diagnostic studies. Differential Diagnosis tables provide a quick-reference summary of possible diagnoses for each patient problem. Evidence-Based Practice boxes — more than 30 are NEW — summarize the scientific evidence related to the diagnosis of patient problems. Alphabetical Table of Contents provides a convenient listing of common health problems.