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Creative Collage

Creative Collage Author : Marie Browning
Release : 2008
Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN : 9781402735097
File Size : 63.25 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 696
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"Learn how easy and inspiring collage can be. [Y] ou can fashion great keepsakes like picture frames, montages, candles, and jewelry that loved ones will treasure."-back cover.

New Creative Collage Techniques

New Creative Collage Techniques Author : Nita Leland
Release : 2011-09-23
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 1440320616
File Size : 47.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 613
Read : 555

Get ready to make great art! New Creative Collage Techniques is filled with the guidance you need to make striking collages with a range of materials and mediums. It’s fun and easy to jump right in, whether you’re an experienced artist looking for something new or a new artist looking to make something unique. From basic methods to the latest innovations, this guide illustrates more than 60 exciting collage projects complete with detailed instruction, quick tips, charts and glossaries. In addition, seven start-to-finish demonstrations show you how to use these techniques to create your own stunning work. You’ll create: • Fantastic found-paper collages formed from items right within your reach • Compelling collage designs using decorative and ready-made papers • Mixed-media collages combining acrylics, watercolor, rice paper and more • Compositions featuring textured backgrounds made from paper, paint, natural materials and other collage materials • Original paper (hand made by you) artfully arranged to form collages that are uniquely yours • Collage that stands the test of time through the use of archival materials and techniques You’ll also be inspired to push the potential of this limitless art form by studying the diverse work of 60 featured artists. As author Nita Leland says, “Experiment. Be Creative. Have fun. You’re a collage artist!†With this guide, you’ve got what you need to get started today.

Creative Collage

Creative Collage Author : Clare Youngs
Release : 2017-11-14
Publisher : CICO Books
ISBN : 9781782494898
File Size : 51.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Discover how to make creative, personal collages with advice, techniques, and projects from craft author and graphic designer Clare Youngs. We are all born with an inner desire to express ourselves. Making collages, especially in the form of art journals, gives you an opportunity to express thoughts, feelings, and wishes and to capture memories. It is a way of collating and putting thoughts in order. You can look back at filled pages with a real sense of accomplishment. Most of all it is fun! In Creative Collage, Clare Youngs reveals the secrets of collaging, one of her favorite crafts. Learn about the kinds of paper you can use, such as maps, tickets, photographs, typography, and magazine pages, and how to add texture, use layering, and make use of geometric designs. Some of Clare's amazing collages are included for inspiration, and she explains how she chose the materials and composition for each one. Clare then presents a collection of projects that offer unique ways to display your collages and even make 3-D collages, such as a decoupaged chest of drawers and a family photo wooden block house. Along with helpful prompts to give you ideas for collages, such as “something you saw on a walk” or “a happy memory,” this book provides all you need to get started with this personal, expressive craft.

Creative Collage Techniques

Creative Collage Techniques Author : Nita Leland
Release : 2000-09-15
Publisher : North Light Books
ISBN : 9781581800982
File Size : 80.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Collage is a fine art combination of paper and shape, color and texture, imagination and vision. This book can help you bring all of these together in one beautiful creation. Here you'll see magnificent collages by leading artists who show you—in step-by-step demonstrations—how to begin, how to design, how to apply collage techniques in exciting ways. Plus you'll get your chance to use those techniques with nearly fifty projects that challenge you to do your most creative work.

Creative Collage

Creative Collage Author : Judith Hoffman Corwin
Release : 1980
Publisher : David McKay Company
ISBN : 9780679205531
File Size : 20.75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Instructions for collage projects made from such materials as buttons, leaves, paper, felt, and feathers.

Art Therapy and Creative Coping Techniques for Older Adults

Art Therapy and Creative Coping Techniques for Older Adults Author : Susan Buchalter
Release : 2011-08-15
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN : 9780857003096
File Size : 28.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 668
Read : 844

Art and the therapeutic uses of art provide older adults with valuable ways in which to express and share their feelings, needs and fears, and with a resource for coping with life's major changes. This practical book is filled with step-by-step exercises for art therapists and other professionals to use in work with older adults, either individually or in groups. The author provides brief, imaginative warm-ups, which encourage participants to become more at ease expressing themselves creatively. She offers ideas for engaging and innovative creative projects across a range of media, including art, music, movement, poetry and creative writing, all of which can be adapted, personalised or combined to meet the particular needs of individual participants. Points to consider when working with this client group are explored, and case study examples, with participants' artwork, are included throughout. Appropriate for use with all relatively able older adults, including those with depression, anxiety or in the early stages of dementia, this will be an invaluable tool for art therapists as well as counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers and carers.

Creative Activities for Young Children

Creative Activities for Young Children Author : Mary Mayesky
Release : 2008-02-28
Publisher : Cengage Learning
ISBN : 1428321802
File Size : 85.97 MB
Format : PDF
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Creative Activities for Young Children, 9th edition is a rare combination of an art and curriculum text, and is an invaluable resource for any teacher, pre-service or experienced. Teachers, parents, and child-care providers will value this teaching resource that not only promotes creativity in children but also encourages readers to exercise their own creativity. It has a wealth of information covering every conceivable content area that would be encountered in an early childhood classroom, as well as up to grade 5. The sound theoretical base of the book is applied in the hundreds of practical activities provided throughout the text. This updated edition addresses national early childhood standards, more coverage on developmentally appropriate practice (DAP), in depth discussion of play and art development theories, as well as additional activities for children with special needs and more activities to meet specific learning styles. All references, including websites, software recommendations, and additional readings have been updated in this edition. The final section on Creativity and Multicultural Education covers the place of creativity in the anti-bias curriculum, and provides a multitude of creative activity ideas for use in the multicultural classrooms of today. Students will find this book to be a continual resource throughout their professional careers. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Creative Collage Papers and Elements

Creative Collage Papers and Elements Author : Kim Newberg
Release : 2020-07-07
Publisher :
File Size : 85.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 484
Read : 1324

Collage papers and elements for Decoupage, Junk Journals, Card making, and Scrap booking, Mixed Media and more. A total of 28 inside pages that includes 14 pages of collage mixed sheets and elements, backsides are journal papers, neutral backgrounds and postcard backs.Front and back covers are designed to use as extra bonus pages. Feel free to use these images for your art creations for personal use and resale of your handmade craft creations. Credit not required but gratefully appreciated.

Creative Photo Collage

Creative Photo Collage Author : Marie Browning
Release : 2008
Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company
ISBN : 1402735022
File Size : 45.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 915
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Every photo captures a precious memory--and Creative Photo Collage is a complete guide to collecting, archiving, and presenting those treasured, personal images. Consummate craft designer Marie Browning offers dozens of unique projects for turning photos into home decor and gifts, as well as easy-to-learn collage techniques for scrapbooking, laminating, decoupage, jewelry making, and transferring images to a variety of materials. There are even tips for getting a great picture in the first place, and for storing them, coloring them, and manipulating them on the computer. An entire chapter focuses on creative displays, with advice on effectively grouping and framing photographs thematically.

Creative License

Creative License Author : Kembrew McLeod
Release : 2011-03-14
Publisher : Duke University Press
ISBN : 0822348756
File Size : 79.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 627
Read : 399

Draws on interviews with more than 100 musicians, managers, lawyers, journalists, and scholars to critique the music industry s approach to digital sampling.

The Art of Fabric Collage

The Art of Fabric Collage Author : Rosemary Eichorn
Release : 2003
Publisher : Taunton Press
ISBN : 9781561585854
File Size : 33.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 459
Read : 236

A colourful guide to the art of fabric collage.

Creative Art & Activities: Paper art

Creative Art & Activities: Paper art Author : Mary Mayesky
Release : 2004
Publisher : Cengage Learning
ISBN : 9781401834203
File Size : 76.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 809
Read : 300

Learning about art has never been so much fun! This series of six books introduces children ages 2-8 to a world of creativity, self-expression and exploration through hundreds of age-appropriate activities. Each activity is written in an easy-to-follow “cookbook” format and contains a list of developmental goals so parents and teachers know what the learning focus is for each experience. Helpful Hints help things run smoothly and Variations offer options for expanding on each activity. And, the Index by Ages helps in finding projects for specific age groups.

Card's Creative Collage Design Coloring Book

Card's Creative Collage Design Coloring Book Author : Allen Card
Release : 2018-08-16
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780999262054
File Size : 54.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 801
Read : 679

This is a collage design coloring book. By collage I mean shapes and circles in random pattern designs. The coloring book is multi-colored using six colors for the outline of the shapes. I think it is fun to color like this. This is a thirty-six page coloring book. If you like to color this is the coloring book for you. Enjoy!

Collage for the Soul

Collage for the Soul Author :
Release :
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781616739935
File Size : 49.18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 762
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For many people, art is at once a form of self-expression and discovery. Perhaps that's why collage—which is based on the idea of spontaneously layering images and symbols—is a favorite medium for crafters of all kinds. This book approaches the topic by theme: 5 chapters present 20 projects that deal with expressing personal creativity, exploring and recording relationships, dreaming and wishing, finding inspiration in nature, and creating visual memoirs. The instructions tell how to create a personalized project, sharing necessary techniques while suggesting ideas for substituting personal themes and materials. The directions are a starting point to encourage the reader's own artistic journey, guiding the reader to contemplate, explore, and express thoughts and feelings through the medium of collage. An inspirational gallery concludes the book, with another 26 projects by leading artists in the field. Whether a person's passion is stamping, decoupage, painting or paper art, this book shows how various collage techniques can combine to help any crafter or artist improve their craft and enrich their soul.

Digital Collage and Painting

Digital Collage and Painting Author : Susan Ruddick Bloom
Release : 2012-12-11
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
ISBN : 1136111093
File Size : 76.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 923
Read : 1272

If you already know your way around Photoshop and Painter and want to use these amazing programs to take your skills further, this book is for you! Much more than a simple "how-to" guide, Susan Ruddick Bloom takes you on a full-fledged journey of the imagination and shows you how to create incredible works of fine art. Supplemented by the work of 20+ world renowned artists in addition to Sue's own masterpieces, you'll learn how to create watercolors, black and white pencil sketches, texture collages, stunning realistic and fantastical collages, and so much more, all from your original photographs. If you are eager to dive into the world of digital art but need a refresher on the basics, flip to Sue's essential techniques chapter to brush up on your Photoshop and Painter skills, and you'll be on your way in no time. Whether you're a novice or an established digital artist, you'll find more creative ideas in this book than you could ever imagine. Fully updated for new versions of Painter and Photoshop and including brand new work from contemporary artists, Digital Collage and Painting provides all the inspiration you need to bring your artistic vision to light.

Creative Expression Activities for Teens

Creative Expression Activities for Teens Author : Bonnie Thomas
Release : 2011-06-15
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN : 9780857004178
File Size : 62.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 876
Read : 610

Coping with life's stresses is difficult for everybody, but can be especially challenging for teenagers, who often feel isolated and misunderstood. Creative expression through art, craft, and writing is a natural and effective way of helping young people to explore and communicate personal identity. This book is bursting with art and journal activities, creative challenges, and miniature projects for bedrooms and other personal spaces, all of which help teenagers to understand and express who they are and what is important to them. These fun ideas can be tailored to suit the individual, and require minimal equipment and even less artistic know-how, so can be enjoyed by all. The book concludes with a useful section for counselors and other professionals who work with young people, which explains how these activities can be incorporated into treatment goals. This imaginative and insightful book is a useful resource for all therapists, social workers, and counselors who wish to encourage self-expression in teenagers.

Collage of Myself

Collage of Myself Author : Matt Miller
Release : 2010-12-01
Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
ISBN : 0803234422
File Size : 63.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 673
Read : 1114

Collage of Myself presents a groundbreaking account of the creative story behind America's most celebrated collection of poems. In the first book length study of Walt Whitman's journals and manuscripts, Matt Miller demonstrates that until approximately 1854 (only a single year before the first publication of Leaves of Grass), Whitman---who once speculated that Leaves would be a novel or a play---was unaware that his ambitions would assume the form of poetry at all. Collage of Myself details Whitman's discovery of a remarkable new creative process that allowed him to transform a diverse array of texts into poems such as "Song of Myself" and "The Sleepers." Whitman embraced an art of fragments that encouraged him to "cut and paste" his lines into ever evolving forms based on what he called "spinal ideas." This approach to language, Miller argues, represents the first major use in the Western arts of the technique later know as collage, an observation with significant ramifications for our reception of subsequent artists and writers. Long before the modernists, Whitman integrated found text and ready made language into a revolutionary formulation of artistic production that anticipates much of what is exciting about modern and postmodern art. Using the Walt Whitman Archive's collection of digital images to study what were previously scattered and inaccessible manuscript pages, Miller provides a breakthrough in our understanding of the great American literary icon.

A Patchwork Quilt: A Collage of My Creative Life

A Patchwork Quilt: A Collage of My Creative Life Author : Sai Paranjpye
Release : 2020-11-26
Publisher : Harper Collins
ISBN : 9390327490
File Size : 32.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 583
Read : 956

Director of the cult 1980s film Chashme Baddoor and critically acclaimed movies such as Sparsh and Saaz; seasoned Marathi theatre personality; winner of three National Film Awards and two Filmfare Awards; recipient of the Padma Bhushan - Sai Paranjpye has many feathers in the patchwork quilt of her creative life. Sai started her career at All India Radio, later graduating from the National School of Drama and making her way into theatre, television, documentaries and movies, working with some of the most highly regarded names of the Hindi film world. She met with success in the world of books too, her Marathi translation of Naseeruddin Shah's memoir winning her the Sahitya Akademi award in 2019. Frank, forthright, full of anecdotes and written with a flair for recounting her multifarious journey in lively detail, A Patchwork Quilt is Sai Paranjpye's memoir that looks back on a life well lived.