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Ulysses Author : James Joyce
Release : 1976
Publisher :
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Sunup Author : Ratan Ghosh
Release : 2019-10-30
Publisher : Booksclinic Publishing
ISBN : 9388797884
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This international Anthology entitled SUNUP unites the poets of the East and the West together. In an age of natural degradation the book tries to promote the idea---“Save nature to save Human Civilization”. Nature, the source of all knowledge, complete peace, love, solitude and purity, is now in danger and the poets, writers and thinkers have a crucial role to play upon it. The main objective of this book is to inform to the readers that poetry can be a convenient medium in expressing the essence of nature for the survival of human civilization and in doing so it is essential to join the continents to serve the globe. The editor conveys his sincere gratitude to the co-authors who have shared their valuable thoughts about nature and human civilization through their poems and without their cooperation this great work might not have been possible. Thanks to the members and the Organisers of South East Asian Literary Circle© whose constant support and encouragement helped me a lot to bring into limelight such a beautiful book.

Race and literature

Race and literature Author : Hans-Jürgen Diller
Release : 1982
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